Why You Can’t Find a Primary Care Physician

Have you had difficulty finding care with a primary care physician? If so, you’re not alone: ​​it’s getting harder to connect with primary care across the country. This summer in the Upper Valley, after a million-dollar rebrand, Dartmouth Health announced that it was unable to accept new patients for primary care. Ninety-eight million Americans now live in an area with a shortage of primary care, often in rural regions.

dr.  Ken Dolkart

Access to and continuity with high-quality primary care is the foundation of high-functioning health care systems. Primary care teams ensure immunization, screening for lead poisoning in children or cancer in adults, address health habits, mental health, and numerous conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, while coordinating care for an aging population. The National Academies of Sciences concluded that primary care is the only medical specialty in which the most practitioners improve the longevity, equity, and health of a population.

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