What is “Hygge” and how can it help your mental health?

Seasonal depression is so real, best friends. Winter is here, and if you’re like me, you’re desperately looking for little things to boost your mood. Scrolling TikTok has become my only source of entertainment this season – all of my FYP recently has been a combination of zoolander memes (the trend you didn’t know you needed) or people entering its hibernation era.

‘Hygge’Tok is another side of TikTok that I’ve found myself in, and it has single-handedly cured me of the sad girl winter. Hygiene it’s a danish concept which has gained popularity over the years. maria skinner is a popular TikTok creator that incorporates hygiene in your life during the fall and winter months to improve your mental health, and you might be right. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from the Danes: they have been considered the happiest people in the world for years, despite its gloomy climate and harsh winters.

What is hyge?

Although it cannot be directly translated into English, hygge is the Danish word that describes a warm mood and a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. In essence, it means an escape from the anxieties and fast-paced lifestyle of the outside world. It is a kind of sanctuary, a informal moment surrounded by close friends and family where you can be completely yourself. It’s about intentional slowness and being present with the people you love. Hygge is also about appreciating little moments of pleasure.

What is hygge aesthetic?

Think: warm cabin core. the hygge aesthetic it has to do with ambient lighting and a mood of complete serenity and warmth in the home. Romantic everything related to the winter season. Candles burning in every room, the smell of fresh baked goods filling the house, the laughter of your closest friends, and listening to the sounds of a winter storm outside when it’s safe inside. It’s a moment of enrichment time in your enclosure.

In terms of clothing, the hygge aesthetic is embodied with all things layered, casual, and comfortable. We’re talking neutrals, chunky material, and anything to keep you warm. It seems that everyone is in his was scarf this winter, and I’m here for it (very hygge of you). chunky sweaters and thick socks are two winter essentials, and earmuffs are back too (love!). Of course, winter clothing can be incredibly expensive. Lucky for me, an old used grandpa sweater is also very hygge.

Here’s how to Hygge:

Whether you’re spending time at home over the holidays or staying in college this season, incorporating hygiene to deal with feelings of blue during the colder months doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to go out and buy anything special to achieve this. It’s all about appreciating the simple pleasures in your life and embracing the slow moments this season. But if you’re looking to decorate a bit, fairy lights, candlesknitted blankets and cushions are hygge — big lights are officially canceled this winter.

The goal is to create a space where you feel safe and protected. Dorms can seem like a very temporary situation in college, understandably. If you know you’ll be moving out in a few months, what’s the point of making the space completely yours? But we still have winter months ahead of us, and create a bedroom environment that feels homey and comfortable has helped me in the past deal with seasonal depression in college.

Hygge is the art of being present with friends and family in a relaxed environment. If you’ve ever felt the need to be “turned on” in social settings, hygge embraces silence and authenticity. For all the introverted girls out there, this is your safe space. It is also about equality and sharing the responsibilities that come with hosting friends. If you’re having people over for a theme night or movie night, everyone brings snacks instead of just one person. Often the role of the host becomes overwhelming, but with hygge there is a sense of equality and togetherness where everyone collaborates. Sledding is also an activity that you can do this winter with friends, even in college. If you’re a girl from the northeast, this is your time to shine.

Another activity that you can incorporate into your life this winter is to organize a dinner where everyone helps to prepare the food: have all your friends bring an ingredient and cook together. Hygge is all about taking it easy and appreciating the process, so making comfort food together gives you a sense of relaxation and connection. Hygge is also about treating yourself, and we know how I feel about that, besties. I know I’m not the only one who is nostalgic for banana bread and sourdough. it was baking of the 2020 quarantine.

Simply put, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to incorporate hygge into your life this season. You don’t have to follow the “aesthetic” perfectly either! Take what you like and leave the rest, it’s more about giving yourself permission to relax this season in a safe environment.

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