US taps up ammunition stockpiles in Israel to send projectiles to Ukraine: NYT

  • The United States tapped into its arsenal in Israel to obtain 155mm shells for Ukraine, The New York Times reported.
  • The allies rush to supply Ukraine with artillery ammunition amid a new Russian offensive.
  • In November, the Pentagon estimated that Ukraine was firing between 4,000 and 7,000 rounds a day.

The Pentagon is shipping large amounts of US munitions from Israel to Ukraine to fill its urgent need for weapons to fight Russia. The New York Times reported.

The Israeli and US governments reached an agreement to send 300,000 155mm shells to Ukraine, with Israeli representatives doing so in part to avoid conflict with the US, according to The New York Times.

The Pentagon kept the reserves in place for use in conflicts in the Middle East, but The Times reported that Israel also had access to the supplies for use in military emergencies.

The report also said that a South Korean reserve could send more US weapons.

The United States is also buying 100,000 155mm rounds from South Korea, which it will then send to Ukraine. Inside information reported.

Ukrainian artillery unit fires with a 2S7-Pion, a self-propelled gun, at a position near a front line in the Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian artillery unit fires with a 2S7-Pion, a self-propelled gun, at a position near a front line in the Kharkiv region.

Photo by IHOR THACHEV/AFP via Getty Images

In addition, Pakistan is sending 159 containers of artillery ammunition to Ukraine, according to Economic Times of India.

America’s fight for more ammunition to send to Ukraine It comes as Russia and Ukraine prepare for an expected resumption of fighting in the spring.

Russia says it has launched a new offensive in the Zaporizhzhia region

Russia and Ukraine have used artillery heavily in the war of attrition in the Donbas in eastern Ukraine that began in the summer. In November, the Pentagon estimated that Russia was firing about 20,000 rounds a day, while Ukraine was firing between 4,000 and 7,000.

On Saturday, reports of renewed fighting on the previously inactive front in Zaporizhzhia oblast in southern Ukraine became public. Russian forces launched more than 160 bombardments on 21 towns and cities overnight, The telegraph reportedin what Russia described as a new offensive.

Ukraine expects to receive a shipment of arms and ammunition from the allies. According to the BBC, nine European countries are sending support packages to Ukraine after meeting in Germany on Friday. The group includes the UK, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The packages include 600 UK Brimstone missiles, self-propelled howitzers, anti-tank grenade launchers and support vehicles.

Speaking in Estonia, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: “In 2023, it’s time to turn the momentum the Ukrainians have made by rolling Russia back into gains and getting them out of Ukraine and restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty, which is their right. under international law,” the BBC reported.

The United States also pledged more support to Ukraine, saying the nation will deliver a $2.5 billion military aid package, which includes 59 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, 90 Stryker Armored Personnel Carriers, 53 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles and 350 high mobility multipurpose vehicles. wheeled Vehicles, Reuters reported.

But Ukraine, which has repeatedly asked for a supply of hundreds of modern tanks, has been unable to put German-made Leopard tanks at the top of its wish list. And at the moment, that doesn’t seem likely to change, Inside information reported.

Despite mounting pressure on Berlin to supply its own Leopards or at least allow other groups to send them, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has remained undecided.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told German television: “You can go on talking like this for another six months, but people are dying here every day. If you have Leopard tanks, give them to us.” weather reported.

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