The colossal ‘planet killer’ asteroid caused a mega tsunami on Mars, and now we know where it landed

An artist’s rendering of a killer asteroid exploding on impact with the Red Planet. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

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A newly discovered impact crater on Mars was likely left behind by a huge asteroid that smashed into the Red Planet around 3.4 billion years ago and may have unleashed an 800-foot-tall “mega-tsunami.” The colossal explosion was similar to an asteroid impact on Earth that wiped out non-avian dinosaurs, a new study shows.

From about 3,500 million to 3,000 million years ago, Mars it was covered by vast, shallow oceans. During that time, one of these oceans, which once covered the northern lowlands of Mars (Vastitas Borealis), experienced multiple mega-tsunamis when asteroids crashed into the ancient body of water, according to POT (opens in a new tab).

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