Taking care of mental, physical and sexual health

While value for money remains an underlying factor determining consumer buying habits, the importance of health has persisted as an overshadowing factor, Alex Beckett, global food and beverage analyst at Mintel, revealed during a talk at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris earlier this month.

From seeking fiber to feel full to prioritizing healthy, natural ingredients, consumers are increasingly looking to nourish their mental and sexual health, as well as their physical health; trends resulting from a seemingly permanent change in mindset after Covid-19.

Beckett introduced the talk by highlighting two key events that Mintel predicts will shape what consumers will eat and drink in the future. These include the recent COP27 climate summit in Egypt, whereby a roadmap for an improved global food system was announced, as well as the launch of NASA’s Artemix 1 rocket that reflects the start of a mission to achieve human habitation in the moon by 2030. He emphasizes the importance of these events in the formation of “how we source food, how we appreciate food, and how we trade it.”

Mintel has categorized established trends into those that need to be recognized today, such as consumer demands for affordability and nutrition in response to the cost of living crisis, those that urgently need to be addressed as a result of the climate crisis, and those to offer pleasure. . and escapism in the face of these current crises.

Finding fullness with fiber

Regarding the current economic crisis, a trend highlighted by Mintel closes the gap between increased consumer nutritional awareness and value for money.

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