Survivor’s new planets are already a massive update to Fallen Order

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer shows how its new planets will branch off from the isolated deserts of Jedi: Fallen Order.

The last trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor shows several of its new planets, which appear to be a considerable improvement on those of Jedi: Fallen Order. The locations in the first game were great, to be sure, and created a lot of intrigue and depth. However, they lacked variety as they all took place in the desert of planets. Fortunately, Eat: Survivor seeks to improve this significantly.

Jedi: Fallen Order featured eight locations in all, most of which were characterized by their relative isolation. The planets are vibrant but populated primarily by wildlife and Imperial forces. Despite the notable differences in lore, some of the planets can feel quite similar to each other aesthetically, such as Bogano, Kashyyyk, and Zeffo, who was destroyed by the Empire. The vegetation and overgrowth of these places make planets like Dathomir more exciting to visit, but more variety would have sufficed. Jedi: Fallen Order well, what is something Eat: SurvivorThe trailer for teases.


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Jedi: Survivor’s new planets seem like a nice change of pace

Image of Bode Akuna helping Cal Kestis up a ledge in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorGameplay Reveal Trailer EA Star Wars on YouTube shows some new planets that the game will include. Some seem to take a cue from the wild approach of Jedi: Fallen Orderbut on a much larger scale. Cal even recruits wildlife to help him traverse the huge, seemingly half-open world maps. He is shown holding the claws of a pterodactyl-like creature as he soars through the sky and rides a bipedal animal. Secondly, Eat: Survivor it looks like it will offer a welcome change of pace in the way you explore cities and more urban settings, one of which is undoubtedly Coruscant. These areas can be explored in the company of cal is new Eat: Survivor ally, Bode Akuna.

How Jedi: Survivor’s Planets can improve Fallen Order

Image of Cal Kestis flying through the air holding the claws of a pterodactyl-like creature.

Eat: SurvivorThe new planets of already seem to be improving on its predecessor with their variety in level design. It can even rival the Knights of the Old Republic games in that sense, which featured a wide range of environments. It also looks like gameplay in these areas will be much more diverse, with multiple traversal methods based on location type, and many enemy types populating them. It is almost certain that these updates alone will establish Eat: Survivorthe planets above Jedi: Fallen Order‘s, but there’s more the sequel can do to make its locations feel more unique and exciting.

Including more NPCs for Cal to interact with would make Jedi: Survivor’s planets feel more alive than their predecessors. Surely Cal should be cautious as he is being hunted by the Empire and maybe even the mysterious new character he may be. connect Star Wars Eat: Survivor to the High Republic it was. However, now that Cal is more comfortable with his Jedi identity, it stands to reason that he would be more willing to help those in need on the planets he visits. In addition to giving a change of pace from fighting inhospitable wildlife, this detail is an easy way to implement side quests into the game while also showcasing the civilizations and cultures that make Star Wars unique. More dynamic planets and characters with dialogue could also help. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor feel more connected to the greater Star Wars universe.

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Fountain: EA Star Wars/YouTube

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