Soyuz capsule leak could strand astronauts on space station

Images of the spectacular coolant leak from the Russian Soyuz spacecraft that took place on Wednesday (Dec 14) convinced a leading spaceflight safety expert that the craft is most likely no longer airworthy. . And that is a great risk to the safety of the inhabitants of the International Space Station.

Tommaso Sgobba is the President of the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) and former Head of Space Flight Safety at the European Space Agency (ESA). Now formally retired, the veteran aerospace engineer who worked for years on Europe’s human spaceflight program spoke to about the Soyuz coolant leak. His conclusions are pretty damning. the soyuz spacecraftSgobba believes, is “damaged beyond repair” and won’t be able to bring home the three space travelers he took to the space station in September.

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