South Bend announces funding for mental health center

Members of Faith in Indiana, who advocate for a behavioral crisis center, protest during the St. Joseph County Commissioners meeting on December 20, 2022.

SOUTH BEND — After St. Joseph County commissioners submitted a funding agreement that would pay for the construction and operation of a behavioral crisis center, South Bend Mayor James Mueller announced Tuesday that the city will step in to provide funding for mental health. center.

In a statement, the city announced it will provide $2.66 million in American Rescue Plan funds to pay for the crisis center in partnership with Oaklawn. The behavioral crisis center is being built at the existing Epworth Hospital in downtown South Bend and will provide 14 beds for residents in need of emergency mental health care.

The money will pay for construction costs as well as the center’s first year of operation. Oaklawn will manage the center, which is expected to be completed by late spring, and has been in the works since late 2021 as a partnership between local governments, Oaklawn, Memorial Hospital and local police agencies.

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