Somnium VR1 high-end PC VR headset to be shown at CES 2023

Somnium VR1 high-end PC VR headset to be shown at CES 2023

Image: Dream space

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Somnium VR1 has been in development for almost two years. The final design will be on display at CES 2023.

A year ago, I wrote an article about the highly experimental VR headset of the blockchain and NFT-based social virtual reality platform Somnium Space. After the announcement, the device went silent. Until now.

Ahead of CES, the Czech company unveiled mind-blowing new renders of the industrial design and announced a core feature: the Somnium VR1 is a PC-only VR headset with no standalone mode. Visitors to the electronics fair will be able to see the device for themselves in early January. Somnium Space plans to show a work development kit that matches the final design.

A headset for enthusiasts and modders.

The company said it retained the other two main features, open Source Character, Y modularity. In the Medium announcement, Somnium Space describes the headphones as follows:

“Somnium VR1 is a high-end, open-source PCVR headset with high-resolution displays, custom fresnel-free special clear lenses, eye-tracking, hand-tracking, high-resolution walk-through cameras, and a modular design that allows users to change, add or modify many headphone parts. In addition, Somnium Space will give access to most of the sensors that will allow advanced users to create custom virtual reality and mixed reality applications.”

The company cites the following specs:

  • Display: 2 x 3.2″ 2,880 × 2,880 fast LCD. Horizontal FOV 120°, Vertical FOV 100°.
  • Pass-through cameras: 2 x 3,864 × 2,192, 90 FPS (foveated transport), FOV 120° × 100°.
  • Ultraleap Hand Tracking
  • Custom eye tracking
  • Wi-Fi 6e
  • Wireless VR Streaming for PC
  • Native Wired PC Mode (Lossless)
  • Native Steam VR and OpenXR support
  • 3x USB-C 10 Gbps for external accessories (USB 3.2 Gen2)
  • High-quality built-in stereo microphones
  • Headphone jack
  • Custom made head strap with in-ear headphones included
  • 3 customizable and 3D printable modular anchor points

Somnium Space plans to exhibit two modules at CES: a mixed reality module and a Wi-Fi 6 module for PC VR streaming. They will be demonstrated by Xtal Headphones from the czech technology partner virtual reality engineers as an example.


the lenses are custom pancake glassesthe company write on twitter. Custom VR controllers will not be sold at launch. However, you can use any type of controller that Lighthouse supports.

Standalone version will come later

The device is “aimed at enthusiasts who want to fully own their VR hardware, and those who like to tinker with their hardware and software to get the most out of their experience.”

Somnium Space promises that the new VR headsets aim to give enthusiasts and the entire community the ability to make their own headsets without the restrictions of large corporations, and for this reason, the device is being built on the most open platform. and modular as possible.

Side view of the Somnium headphones.

Side view of the Somnium VR1. | Image: Somnium Space

Users will be able to download and print 3D drawings of parts and order electronic components, sensors and lenses directly from the manufacturer.

A year ago, the Somnium VR1 was advertised as a standalone VR headset. “Supply chain restrictions and more complex than expected negotiations with key suppliers” delayed the launch. However, research and development continues. We look forward to the release of The Somnium VR1 within the next year. The price remains a mystery.

Sources: dream space in between

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