Sheezan Khan’s mother says ‘do you want my son to kill himself too?’, family denies love of jihad

Sheezan Khan is in jail for allegedly inciting the suicide of TV actress Tunisha Sharma. On January 2, Sheezan’s attorney, Adv. Shailendra Mishra and her sisters Falaq Naaz, Shafaq Naaz and her mother first spoke about it at a press conference.

Sheezan Khan’s mother and sisters held a press conference today (Photo Credit: Yogen Shah)

By India Today Desktop web: The death of Tunisha Sharma has been a shock to everyone. The actress died by suicide on December 24, 2022. The actress hanged herself in the make-up room of her co-star and ex-boyfriend Sheezan Mohammed Khan. The actor’s judicial custody has been extended for 14 days, after he was arrested for allegedly inciting the suicide of Tunisha Sharma. The 27-year-old actor was arrested by the Valiv police in the Palghar district on December 26.

Now, on January 2, Sheezan Khan’s lawyer, Adv. Shailendra Mishra and her sisters Falak Naaz, Shafaq Naaz and her mother spoke for the first time after facing various allegations. They held a press conference and spoke to the media about the case.


Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on December 24. The funeral of the 20-year-old actress took place on December 27. On Monday morning, Sheezan’s mother and sisters, actresses Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz, held a press conference in Mumbai where they addressed the allegations against the actor. Addressing Tunisha’s family’s charges, Sheezan’s family told the media that they were unsubstantiated and that the allegations of love jihad and black magic were sad.

Sheezan’s lawyer said: “Tunisha was very happy with the time she spent with Sheezan’s family. Pawan Sharma, who claimed to be Tunisha’s maternal uncle, was actually her manager, who was fired by her. All these accusations also have been done for that. -called uncle only. Tunisha fired him because she was not happy with his interference.”

The family also addressed allegations of love jihad made by Tunisha’s mother. Falaq Naaz said: “Tunisha was like my sister. I met her on the sets of a shoot in Ladakh. Since then, I have acted like a big sister to her. We could never see her in trouble. All these talks about hijab, dargah are baseless “Following a religion is our personal choice. It’s our personal space. We never force anyone. It’s not even our right. People say we force her to wear hijab, but it’s a photo of her. It shoots.” For the uninitiated, a few days ago a photo of Tunisha in a hijab was circulating on the Internet. Many claimed it as proof of the jihad’s loving claims.

She further said: “Why are you stuck in religion? You should be talking about mental health.”

Shafaq added: “It was also claimed that Tunisha had started speaking Urdu. To this, Shafaz said: “Kisi language se kya lena dena. We live in India. So accepting a certain language or a religion does not prove anything. This is a very wrong assumption. Religion is very personal and we will never force anyone.”


At last, Sheezan Khan’s mother said, “Tunisha’s mother Vanita disrespected us a lot but we will keep our dignity. She claimed that Falaq took her to a dargah but she has no information about it. Give us proof!” You’re talking nonsense.” things. She also accused Sheezan of slapping Tunisha. If his son is being tortured on sets like this, is he just going to sit and talk on the phone? Hamare bacche ko thappad maare aur hum aise baithe rahenge maa hone ke naate? “Me, so he could have told me about it. He used to eat at my house, stay with me. So when this incident happened, why did he wait? Why didn’t he come to my house and slap Sheezan? Was he waiting? Tunisha to take this step?”

He added: “One more thing, Vanita has lost her only child and her lawyer was busy taking power of attorney. You have lost a child! Your mission should only be to find out why your son took this step. The truth must come out.” light”. in the world. How can a mother do this? I also want justice for her because she was like a daughter to me too. God only knows how difficult this journey is for us. Tunisha was like a younger daughter to me. She has left. On the other hand, my son, who is innocent, is in jail. Vanita chases after him. What do you want Vanita ji? Your daughter has committed suicide, do you want my son to commit suicide too? You are torturing him. “

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While Sheezan remains in police custody, Tunisha’s mother, Vanita Sharma, has made shocking claims about their relationship.. At a press conference, he alleged that Tunisha once went through Sheezan’s phone. Apparently, Tunisha caught her talking to another girl, a post in which the two had a fight. Vanita claimed that they broke up because of this.

He also said that Tunisha committed suicide in Sheezan’s room. Vanita claimed that she could have been alive after breaking down the door to that room, but Sheezan could have left her to die. She also claimed that Tunisha informed her that Sheezan used to use drugs on sets. “There were changes in Tunisha’s behavior. Sheezan forced her to follow Islam. She also posted on her Instagram that morning, but we have no idea what happened after that,” Vanita said.


After a lower court extended actor Sheezan Khan’s police custody for one day on December 29, The actor’s judicial custody has now been extended by 14 days. The actor’s lawyers will not request bail. In recent days, police had complained that Sheezan was uncooperative during the investigation. Police said in court that the actor is not telling the password of his email ID and his Google. In his defense, the police told the court that Sheezan is pretending to have forgotten the passwords. However, the star’s lawyer said that since Sheezan’s cell phone is with the police, any expert can crack the password.

Tunisha Sharma, who starred in the TV series Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul opposite Sheezan Khan, was found hanged in her makeup on the set of the show near Vasai on December 24.

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