Salton Sea Army Corps Study Could Generate Billions For Restoration

The US Army Corps of Engineers has agreed to review short- and long-term options for restoring the Salton Sea, which could ultimately generate billions for major public works to restore the body of water’s collapsed ecosystem. california big.

First, the federal agency will complete, by March 1 of next year, streamlined federal environmental reviews of projects that are part of the state’s 10-year Salton Sea Management Program plan that is supposed to be completed by 2028, including some that are underway. . They include nearly 29,000 acres of interconnected pond and wetland habitat projects, native vegetation and dust suppression projects, and fill of old boat channels in Desert Shores.

Separately, top brass from the Army Corps’ Pacific and Los Angeles area divisions signed a cost-share agreement Friday with jubilant state and regional officials for a three-year, $3 million feasibility study to determine which of With more than a dozen potential large-scale projects, engineering solutions for the Salton Sea are feasible.

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