RetirementInvestments acquires, a personal finance brand for new investors

RetirementInvestments continues its mission to empower people to make their own financial decisions

MIAMI, November 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WithdrawalInvestments.coma website dedicated to teaching consumers how to become financially literate by enabling them to make their own financial decisions, has acquired, a personal finance brand for new investors. There is a bit of irony in this fusion. According to donny betthe founder and CEO of RetirementInvestments, “As the original founder of, it has been a blessing in disguise to be able to acquire a business that I originally started in 2016 and then sold in 2018. This was my baby, and it’s like bringing the whole family back together.” family, all under one roof. This acquisition will help us continue to grow into one of the leading financial education websites for the average person.”

RetirementInvestments is a recognized and trusted brand in the industry. A CNBC post-pandemic article reveals: “Overall, 59% of Americans said they accept that they will have to keep working longer, while 36% now believe they will never have enough money to retire, according to the latest data from the Natixis Global Retirement Index. Furthermore, approximately 41% said their ability to be financially secure in retirement is ‘going to be a miracle.'”

Knowledge is key and RetirementInvestments is on a mission to teach and educate consumers on how to become financially literate and be able to make their own investment decisions. Now, with the merger of, they are a complete package for all aspects of personal finance. helped seasoned or budding entrepreneurs, savvy or novice investors, and financial enthusiasts make easily informed decisions.

RetirementInvestments is on a mission to be the pack leader in this ever-changing financial industry. Its purpose is to give people the content, tools, and resources to manage their financial concerns wisely, whether they are nearing retirement or just beginning their financial journey. The experts at say, “Your money should be a solution, not a problem.” They are ready to teach people all phases of their financial journey, from investing in precious metals, cryptocurrencies, real estate to learning about taxes and insurance.

Founder donny bet He is a world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, and online marketer with a huge appetite to compete and disrupt big markets. According to Mr. Gamble, “I like being able to create things that create change, difficult challenges, and being able to add value in negative situations.” will merge with to become an independent financial website and brand.

About RetirementInvestments is on a mission to be a trusted source of information that inspires, informs and empowers our clients to become investment experts and take control of their financial futures. Our vision is to close the knowledge gap and empower people to make their own financial and investment decisions, with clarity and confidence, and without the need for a financial advisor.

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About is the passion project of a group of seasoned financial enthusiasts and business owners who want to create a life of financial freedom using wealth-building tactics that simply aren’t taught in school. We are an inspiring team of writers and entrepreneurs who are solely dedicated to helping you improve your finances when it comes to retirement, investing, debt, saving, and wealth building.

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