Reddit: Internet slams ‘immature’ husband for ‘daring’ Christmas gift for pregnant wife

A husband has been criticized online and labeled ‘immature’, after giving his pregnant wife kitchen utensils to Christmas.

In a Reddit post, user u/eight-eight-five-six she explained how she expected to receive jewelry for the holidays, but became depressed when all she received was a set of pots and pans.

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The pregnant mom led to the r subreddit/Mommyto share her disappointment – describing how her husband had asked her if she wanted jewelry – getting her excited.

But when Christmas came around, the only thing that sparkled were the festive lights.

“Why would he ask that if he’s just going to buy me a set of pots and pans?” he said.

“I love kitchen stuff, but the house needed pots and pans, so we were going to buy them anyway.

“I wanted something shiny, dammit.”

Internet criticizes her husband for giving pots and pans to his pregnant wife for Christmas Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

The mother added that she thought she might be “too emotional” because she is “25 weeks pregnant with her second child.”

However, at a family dinner, her sentiments were validated by an unimpressed aunt who called the gift “daring.”

“We went to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner and when we opened our Christmas cookies, mine had a set of measuring spoons on it,” she recalled.

“I jokingly said ‘oh perfect, they go with my set of pots and pans.’ He replied, “I knew you were upset about the pots and pans!!'”

And my aunt then said, “Do you have her pots and pans? That’s bold. Especially since she’s expecting a baby.’”

Her husband’s response left the mom-to-be emotional and once again gave her hope.

“Well, Christmas isn’t over yet,” he said.

Later that night, her husband took her aside to defend the gift.

“Later he spoke to me privately and told me that they had a good price and that we needed them,” he recalled.

“I agreed and honestly didn’t care at this point because he strongly implied that ‘Christmas wasn’t over’.”

She continued to assure him that she liked the gift as they drove home, but her husband sat silent.

“In the car on the way home I said ‘I really like them and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful. You just got my hopes up by saying you were going to buy me jewelry,’” she explained.

“He didn’t say anything and he hasn’t talked to me all night. I asked him what was wrong with him and he told me “it doesn’t matter, there is nothing he can do about it” and he did not want to elaborate.

“Radio silence ever since.”

‘I feel so stupid and confused.’

The mom was confused, taking to Reddit asking, “What happened? I feel so stupid and confused.”

Many took to the comments section to comfort the mother and criticize the husband for his “immature” response.

“You didn’t do anything wrong here, and he’s acting this way to make you feel bad so he doesn’t have to. Don’t fall for his nonsense,” said one.

“He said ‘Christmas isn’t over yet’ in front of other people so he wouldn’t look like a jerk to them. But didn’t really have any plans, just wanted to save face,” another wrote.

With a third launching a wild fit: “Your husband is an immature jerk. Now his ego is hurt, and he’s sulking and giving the silent treatment because no one liked his fucking gift.”

While some criticized the husband’s response, many focused on the unimpressive gift, implying that it was sexist.

“A domestic gift with a side of gender stereotypes… Not a gift for him though I’m sure he plans to eat, if not cook or clean kitchen utensils,” one user said.

“Household items are not a good gift unless you specifically ask for them,” another commented.

“A household necessity is not a gift to the wife/mom,” explained a third.

The pregnant wife was disappointed because she expected jewelry for the holiday. Credit: fake images

One user even suggested that he should have bought a gift card to make up for it.

“If you understood and cared, you could take 10 minutes to grab your phone, order a gift card, print it out, and give her a real gift.”

However, some users defended the gift, sharing their own experience buying or receiving ‘household’ items for Christmas and birthdays.

“I ordered a Dyson one year and was THRILLED when I got it! But then my family started giving my husband a hard time for buying me a vacuum cleaner, so he had to show how happy he was,” said one wife.

Another user talked about buying her husband “non-stick pans” for his birthday and “kitchen/grilling tools” for Christmas.

They added: “Is it okay because it was a woman giving it to a man?

“Instead of looking at it as gender roles, why can’t people see the gift for intent: to make part of someone’s daily life easier/more enjoyable with better tools/materials?” Said a third.

Husband’s Ruined Christmas Plans

The mother returned to Reddit in a follow-up post, explaining that her husband apologized.

Supposedly he had “something planned” but a huge snowstorm ruined the day.

“It was supposed to be ready 2 days before Christmas. We had a big snowstorm and he never lied to me so I believe this,” she said.

“He also said ‘today was supposed to be very different’ and that he meant ‘Christmas isn’t over yet’ because I hadn’t received my present yet.

“Then he said it was stupid to say it because it came out wrong.”

She went on to say that she thinks the gift may be an engagement ring.

“We’re married, but I never got an engagement ring because we were broke young parents at the time, so I’m thinking it might be a ring.

I really don’t see why something else like a necklace wouldn’t be ‘ready’.

“I guess we’ll see!”

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