“Psychologs magazine helped me change my perspective on mental health,” says actor Rushad Rana

Let’s go back a couple of decades, when Bollywood and mental health didn’t share a very good relationship. Back then, almost all types of mental disorders were referred to as “insanity” in the movies. “Iski dimagi halat theek nahi hai, ise gate raho”, “Ye pagal hai, apne aap sai he baat karta rehta hai”, were some of the phrases that were often heard in successful cinemas in the world of glamor because the representation of mental health was a joke or rather a taboo.

However, over time, the world has witnessed a significant change in people’s acceptance of mental health, so the Bollywood dynamic has evolved as well. Filmmakers and writers are making a genuine attempt to treat mental illness more sensitively and are also trying to spread awareness about it through their work. This can also be seen in movies like Dear Zindagi, Taare Zameen Par, Tamasha, etc. Even celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ileana D’Cruz, and Honey Singh have opened up about their own struggles. In the midst of all this, recently, Rushad Rana who is a renowned actor and influencer spoke about the importance of mental health.

While sharing his views on mental health, Rushad Rana shared that some time ago he came across psychologists which is a magazine related to mental health. He told how reading that magazine has changed his perception of mental problems and how it has given him a better understanding while increasing his awareness. Rushad Rana further said: “Before, mental health was not such a comfortable subject for me and it was something I lacked knowledge about. However, a few months ago I came across the Psychologs magazine that gave me a lot of ideas and helped me evolve. Facts, tips, real life stories, etc., were some of the contents of the magazine that played a huge role in increasing my understanding. I suggest everyone read this magazine as it is doing a good job of changing the way mental health problems are viewed.”

Commenting on Rushad Rana’s words and adding more about Psychologs magazine, Editor-in-Chief Arvind Otta stated: “With Psychologs, our only goal is to make people realize that mental health issues are very real. And they have serious effects. Our readers have always appreciated us and he was one of our biggest drivers. However, when influencers like Rushad Rana take their platform to talk about us and spread the word about Psychologs, it’s definitely a comprehensive achievement for us. Even some time ago the actor Bakhtiyaar Irani thanked us and highlighted how the magazine helps to manage the stress of everyday life. Every day the entire team strives to raise awareness and provide resources to those who need it, to ultimately make a difference in the lives of anyone who is struggling.”

Psychologs, being India’s first psychology magazine, offers a wide range of insights on a large number of topics in the field of psychology. The most intrinsic quality of the magazine is that it does more than provide knowledge, it also claims to help people build a connection to psychology in their daily lives. The magazine publishes articles, makes videos, and even has events and campaigns on a variety of mental health-related topics, like managing stress, dealing with anxiety, and building healthy relationships. The magazine has an audience of more than 18 lakhs and its digital version reaches around 20 lakhs. Psychologs magazine offers the largest mental health professional directory in India to the public, which includes therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses. Even every month, two to three sessions are held at colleges and high schools by team psychologists to educate young people about mental health issues. All this time they only have the motive to break the stigma.

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