Order of the 2023 NFL Draft: Bears get first overall pick, Texans will pick second

He houston texans finished the regular season with a 32-31 victory against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The victory in the regular season finale boosted the Texans’ winning percentage enough to clinch the first overall pick in this year’s draft for the chicago bears. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Bears fell to 3-14 on the year with a loss to the vikings on Sunday and will take first in the 2023 NFL Draft.
  • The Texans will have a top-five pick in the draft for the second straight season as they will make their first pick at No. 2. They took third overall and selected cornerback. Derek Stingley Jr. in the 2022 draft.

current draft order

  1. Bears
  2. jeans
  3. cardinals
  4. foals
  5. Seahawks (via broncos)
  6. lions (via rams)
  7. raiders
  8. hawks
  9. panthers
  10. Eagles (via Saints)
  11. titans
  12. jeans (via browns)
  13. Jets
  14. patriots

(Updated without Lions-packers result)

Athletic’s instant analysis:

Bears land the No. 1 pick

Somehow, the Bears got what they wanted out of the 2022 season. justin fields it showed growth and had some electrifying moments. They got draft capital for two defensive players, roquan smith Y robert quinn. And most importantly, they will have the first pick in the draft. But general manager Ryan Poles probably would have preferred to see more of the positives in his rookie class, or to see any of his free-agent additions become diamonds in the rough. The resources are there in terms of cap space and draft picks, but the 2022 season didn’t produce enough pivotal players for this to be a quick turnaround. — fish bath

What Chicago could do at the top

The Bears have needs up and down the roster. Offensive line, defensive line, cornerback, wide receiver, you name it. There’s the unknown about the Poles and what he thinks of Fields compared to the quarterbacks in this draft. The Bears finished 32nd in the league in passing, but Fields didn’t have much to work with and went on to become the best rushing quarterback in football.

The best thing the Poles can do is bring in as many top players as possible, and that means trading to a team that will give a lot for Bryce Young or whoever the best quarterback is. Alabama’s Will Anderson and Georgia’s Jalen Carter would be good candidates for what the Bears need up front on defense. If there’s a way they can drop a few places and still get one of them, that would be ideal. — fish bath

Texans need a QB

It’s been clear for a while that Davis Mills isn’t the Texans’ long-term answer. Owning the second overall pick puts the Texans in position to find a quarterback who is, even if some fans are disappointed with Sunday’s result. The Bears might not be interested in drafting a quarterback, given that they have Justin Fields, and if Chicago buys the No. 1 pick, last year. Deshaun Watson the trade with the Browns gives the Texans the draft capital they need to move up a spot if they choose. Of course, simply losing Sunday to secure the No. 1 pick would have been simpler.

Given that this is a franchise that could be on the verge of hiring a new head coach for the third time in three years, depending on what happens with Lovie Smith, it would be a mistake to assume that the Texans will follow conventional thinking and select a new head coach. Quarterback. with their first pick in the 2023 draft. But trading or signing a veteran interim and leaving the long-term quarterback question further in the future would mean risking apathy further deepening among a fan base that, judging by the many empty seats at NRG Stadium this season, it has already retreated significantly. numbers. If he keeps his job, GM Nick Caserio will enter Year 3 with perhaps his third coach, which means it’s time to show real progress. — Reiss

(Photo: Daniel Bartel/USA Today)

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