No Evidence Of Aliens So Far In Pentagon UFO Deep Dive

WASHINGTON, Dec 16 (Reuters) – The Pentagon’s renewed push to investigate UFO reports has so far yielded no evidence to suggest aliens have visited Earth or crashed here, senior military leaders said on Friday.

However, the Pentagon’s effort to investigate unidentified anomalous objects, whether they are in space, in the sky or even underwater, has generated hundreds of new reports that are now being investigated, they say.

But so far they have seen nothing to indicate intelligent extraterrestrial life.

“I haven’t seen anything on those properties to date to suggest that there has been an extraterrestrial visitation, an alien crash or anything like that,” said Ronald Moultrie, assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and security.

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s newly formed All Domain Anomalies Resolution Office (AARO), did not rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial life and said he was taking a scientific approach to the investigation.

“I would just say that we are structuring our analysis to be very comprehensive and rigorous. We will review everything,” Kirkpatrick said, speaking at the first news conference since AARO was established in July.

“And as a physicist, I have to adhere to the scientific method, and I will follow that data and the science wherever I go.”

AARO’s mission focuses on unexplained activities around military installations, restricted airspace, and “other areas of interest” and is intended to help identify potential security threats to US military operations and national security.

A government report last year documented more than 140 cases of what the US military officially calls “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP, observed since 2004.

All but one of the listed sightings, an instance attributed to a large balloon deflating, remain unexplained, subject to further analysis, according to the report.

For the other 143 cases, the report found there is too little data to conclude whether they represent some exotic aircraft system developed by a US government or commercial entity, or by a foreign power like China or Russia.

The 2021 report included some UAPs revealed in a previously released Pentagon video of enigmatic objects that exhibited speed and maneuverability that exceeded known aviation technology and lacked any visible means of propulsion or flight control surfaces.

Kirkpatrick said several hundred more cases have since been documented. The exact number will be released soon, but a senior Navy official said in May that the total number of reported cases had already reached 400.

Congress focused on the Pentagon’s new push in its annual defense policy bill, which it passed this week. The legislation, which has yet to be signed by President Joe Biden, requires the Pentagon to prepare a report analyzing the US government’s historical record relating to UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects, dating back to 1945. .

“That’s going to be a big investigative project,” Kirkpatrick said, acknowledging that Congress sought to make sure AARO investigates all records, even those so classified few people know about them.

The Air Force conducted a previous investigation called Project Blue Book, completed in 1969, which compiled a list of 12,618 sightings, 701 of which involved objects that officially remained “unidentified.”

In 1994, the Air Force said it had completed a study to locate records related to the 1947 “Roswell incident” in New Mexico. He said materials recovered near Roswell were consistent with a crashed balloon, the military’s longstanding explanation, and that no records indicated that alien bodies or extraterrestrial materials had been recovered.

Reporting by Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali; Edited by Jonathan Oatis

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