NH Gov. Sununu calls for an end to Medicaid COVID policy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Medicaid recipients in New Hampshire and nationally have benefited from a key safeguard: They cannot be kicked out of the program as long as the federal government continues its public health emergency.

That provision, passed by Congress in March 2020, has allowed Medicaid recipients to continue receiving that health coverage even if their salary changes or they age out of the program. Before COVID-19, Medicaid recipients had to renew every year.

But that public health emergency is expected to end soon, and as many as 69,174 Granite Staters risk losing Medicaid health coverage if they don’t take action, state officials warn.

President Joe Biden is expected to extend the public health emergency through at least April, and possibly later if renewed again. But Gov. Chris Sununu is pressing the Biden administration to end it then. On Monday, Sununu and 24 other Republican state governors urged the Biden administration to end the public health emergency in April, arguing that continued Medicaid coverage has “artificially” expanded the number of Medicaid recipients and has been too much. expensive for states to continue.

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