NBA stars congratulate Damian Lillard on Blazers scoring record

Since becoming the No. 1 leading scorer in franchise history, Portland Trail Blazers Guard Damian Lillard has received love and congratulations from a number of NBA peers, including superstars and former teammates. The Trail Blazers’ social media team put together a video compilation of each public message for Lillard. Check it out!

Kevin Durant, Brooklyn networks

Dame, congratulations on being the all-time leading scorer in Portland Trail Blazers history. You have been working very hard since day one. We’ve all been following your journey, man. Much respect. So inspiring. Keep going, brother.

Stephen Curry, warriors of the golden state

Hi Dame DOLLA, congratulations on becoming the all-time leading scorer for the Portland Trail Blazers franchise. Incredible achievement, man. I know we’ve had many battles and it’s been amazing to see you thrive in your career. Many more points, success and keep doing it throughout the city of Portland and the organization, man. Congratulation to you.

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors

Give me DOLLA, what’s up my brother? Oh man. All-time leading scorer for an entire franchise. Crazy of a young man from Oakland, California, who was never supposed to make it to this league, who was never highly recruited, goes to Weber State, becomes a top 10 pick. And then you head over to the Portland Trail Blazers and from day one we came into this league together, from day one you’ve been dominating and you’ve been a special player to watch. Eleven years later, still in the same uniform, still dominating but at an even higher level than then. It’s extremely amazing. It has been an honor and a pleasure to play against you. Kinda sucks that we had to catch a bunch of those points, bro, but good for you nonetheless. Keep going. Our friendship has meant the world to me, and to see you continue to have the success you are having, so special, and it couldn’t happen to a better person, my brother. Congratulations.

Nicholas Batum Los Angeles Clippers

Brother, congratulations on the No. 1 points in franchise history. That’s great timing. You’ve done everything for that franchise, for this city. So go ahead and good work my brother. Nice job.

Robin Lopez, cleveland cavaliers

Give me, even though I got no royalties for producing and ghostwriting on any of your albums, congratulations on becoming the Portland Trail Blazers’ all-time leading scorer. LADY DOLA!

Will Barton, washington wizards

Dame DOLLA The great Dame. Congrats, bro, on being the franchise points leader, up there in Portland doing your thing. I saw him from day one, one of the hardest working superstars ever and one of the greatest and most humble people I’ve ever met. Brother, keep doing your thing. I’m proud of you. Hall of Fame lady, baby.

jayson Tatum, boston celtics

Give me DOLLA, my brother. I just wanted to wish you the best congratulations (on) becoming the all-time leading scorer in Trail Blazers history. That is an amazing achievement. You know, we’ve all been lucky enough to witness, you know, your greatness through it all. You know, thankful that, you know, we were on the same team to win a gold medal. So man, very happy for you. Excited to see what’s next. More to come. So again, my brother, congratulations.

Juan Toscano-Anderson, los angeles lakers

DL, what’s going on, man? I want to congratulate him on becoming the Blazers’ all-time leading scorer. Very proud of you, brother. Long way from West Campus. Keep going. Keep racking up these accolades, you know. Much admiration in this way. Congratulations.

Bam Adebayo, Miami Heat

Give me, I just want to say congratulations, man. This is a special moment for you. I’m glad we have a great friendship, a brotherhood, man. I just want to say, keep going. The sky is the limit.

C.J. McCollum, new orleans pelicans

What’s up brother? Extremely proud of you man. Happy for you. All the work you put in throughout our career. The backstage work, the vacation work, the Las Vegas work. It is paying off and it is a blessing to be your friend; It’s a blessing to have played alongside you. You know what it is with me. Much love, Sub-Zero, Double-O. You’re a dog. My dog, everyone’s dog. Congratulations. Many blessings, my brother, and much love and success in the future. Peace.

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