MX vs ATV Legends v1.16 patch adds AI Axell Hodges ahead of Slayground DLC

MX vs ATV Legends v1.16 patch adds AI Axell Hodges ahead of Slayground DLC

A new patch for MX vs ATV Legends went live on Thursday (December 15) ahead of the next Slayground DLC coming on the 20th.

There is a new patch for MX vs. ATV Legends starting Thursday (December 15), just five days before the new Slayground DLC is scheduled to drop. The patch includes a large number of additions and improvements, all of which are aimed at continuing to improve the game since its release. initial release in June.

Axell ‘Slay’ Hodges is now part of the AI ​​Rider roster in the new patch, and part of his SlayCo. The pilot equipment is also available for his use. A ton of physics has also been updated, and the usual assortment of bugs have been squashed in areas like audio, UI, tracks, and animations.

This is all likely to be a preload patch for upcoming DLC ​​content as well, so in addition to what’s listed in the changelog, there’s likely some other content in the backend that will be unlocked for those who get the DLC. on December 20.

The full list of patch notes straight from the MX vs ATV website has been reposted below.



  • Added Best Combo, Longest Jump and Highest Jump to HUD in Freeride
  • Added a setting to adjust the Time of Day in Exhibition and Online Custom Match
  • Added SlayCo. cycling equipment: two pairs of jerseys and pants, a set of gloves and a helmet
  • Added a Rainbow Winter Holiday outfit set: two pairs of t-shirts and pants
  • Added colorization to all vehicle frames.
  • Improved AI on SX World Tour tracks and added target lap times
  • Revised tire sliding and friction physics and updated tire tuning parts
  • Fixed inconsistencies in wreck conditions caused by bad landings.
  • Adjusted the stiff suspension tuning parts to better prevent destruction when landing hard or performing a jump.
  • Adjusted the flex chassis adjustment pieces to increase ground stability at the cost of turning ability.
  • Adjusted the rigid chassis trim pieces to increase responsiveness on the ground and in the air, making it easier to whip and scrub.
  • Tuned engine power characteristics of MX450F and MX250
  • Improved Surface audio and fixed issues causing distortion
  • Fixed general audio issues that caused sporadic corruption and distortion.
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect engine audio to play on some online and AI opponents
  • Improved overall audio mixing

Detailed changelog

  • Animation: Improved driving and stunt animations on ATVs and resolved twisting of the torso during some animations.
  • Animation: Improved MX bike riding and stunt animations and resolved twisting/moving torso during some animations.
  • Animation: Updated Goon stunt animation to lock head on handlebars and feet off
  • Animation: Improved handlebar steering animation blending when changing surface types
  • Audio – Fixed other issues that resulted in terrain handling sounds to become incorrect or distorted in some areas
  • Audio – Fixed additional issues that caused distorted audio, especially music and engine audio.
  • Audio: Rebalanced and improved the audio for some surfaces, particularly ramps and other metal objects.
  • Audio – Fixed issue that caused some AI/Network vehicles to use the wrong engine audio; mostly OEM DLC bikes
  • Personalization: Added SlayCo. equipment: 2 jerseys and pants, 1 gloves, 1 helmet
  • Customization: Added Winter Holiday Biker Gear: 2 Jerseys and Pants
  • Personalization: Added coloring to vehicle frames (basic tinting, will be improved in future patches)
  • Gameplay: Update player positions and count when a player leaves an online match
  • Gameplay – Fixed issue causing impossible lap destination times, especially in SX World Tour
  • Gameplay: Axell Hodges added to the AI ​​Rider roster
  • Physics: Reduced cases of ramp accidents caused by exceeding acceptable angle thresholds
  • Physics: Revised tire slip and friction physics to better account for roll angle, sideslip angle, and speed
  • Physics: Added ability to avoid accidents caused by leaning too far at speed; in this state, oversteer gradually increases until an accident occurs, the accident can be avoided by reducing the bank angle
  • Physics: Tuned engine power characteristics of the MX450F and MX250; vehicles are still competitive but MX250 is no longer faster than MX450F in most cases
  • Physics: Improved clutch response on all vehicles
  • Physics: Increased side collision threshold when sliding for slip tuning tires
  • Physics: Slightly longer duration of clutch boost effect on all MX bikes, especially MX450F
  • Physics: Adjusted tire slip physics to reduce nervousness when landing or taking off from ramps
  • Physics: Adjusted the physics of tire slippage to increase friction during cornering on berms when the tires are turning and leaning the most.
  • Physics: Adjusted grip and tire slip adjustment to increase overall friction
  • Physics: Increased cornering ability and overall grip from grip tune tires
  • Physics: Reduced turning capabilities of slip setting tires and increased grip loss during high tire spin
  • Physics: Increased seat preload and rebound performance of Grip Tuning tires, but reduced ability to rub
  • Physics: Decreased performance preload and seat rebound from slip adjust tires, but increased scrubbing ability
  • Physics: Adjusted stiff suspension tuning parts to better prevent destruction when landing hard or performing a jump.
  • Physics: Flexible chassis tuning parts tuned to increase ground stability at the cost of turning ability
  • Physics: Adjusted the rigid chassis tuning parts to increase responsiveness on the ground and in the air, making it easier to hit and scrub.
  • Physics: Fixed bugs in wrecking conditions on bad landings, particularly high pitch tail wheel landings and side landings
  • Physics: Slightly higher friction on the ground surface than rammed earth
  • Tracks: Small AI improvements on difficult sections in Atlanta SX
  • Tracks: Fixed issue resulting in no warp on Denver SX
  • Hints: Cleaned up collision on some small assets
  • Tracks: Improved deformation on SX World Tour Australia tracks
  • Tracks: Improved AI on all difficulties on SX World Tour tracks
  • UI: Added time of day selection in event settings for Quickplay Exhibition and Time Trial and Online Custom Match
  • UI – Added Best Combo, Longest Jump and Highest Jump to HUD in Freeride to temporarily track bests during session
  • UI – Fixed a bug where some players could show position 0 before the race started
  • UI: Hide location indicators on all players and AI until someone hits.
  • UI: Fixed bug where vehicle filter appears twice in split screen
  • UI – Fixed inconsistent warp settings during online race and lobby
  • UI – Focus issues and fixed icons in skin tone and body menus
  • UI: Fixed bug causing clutch to be disabled after finishing a race and changing events
  • UI: Higher resolution of Joker icon during Joker Lane Open and Joker Finish announcements
  • User Interface: Added restrictions to the online menu flow to better indicate when communication between the game and the server occurs.
  • UI: Correctly hide lap counter when setting HUD to Hidden in game settings


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