‘Money is not my motivation’: Naomi Osaka, valued at $60m, slapped with serious statement from WTA World No.1 on tennis ‘endorsements’

The year ended on a great note for Every Swiatek as she is now the fifth highest paid female athlete in the world, according to Forbes. The list also features several other top-tier tennis players who may not have been able to perform to their full potential this season. These players have likely increased their take-home pay primarily through off-court endorsements. While Swiatek’s fans are extremely happy about the success of his favorite tennis star, they also supported the Polish star’s controversial statement after seeing the ratings.


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Swiatek apparently took a hit on other tennis aces like noemi osaka Y emma raducanuwhich is notably higher than Swiatek on the list, after looking at the rankings.

Iga Swiatek is happy with her WTA ranking


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Recently, Forbes business magazine ranked female athletes based on her salary in 2022. While Naomi Osaka tops the list with $51.1 million, recently retired Serena Williams It follows closely behind with $41.3 million. In fourth place, with $18.7 million in earnings, is Emma Raducanu. The three-time Grand Slam singles winner and current world no. 1 Iga Swiatek ranks fifth, with a total of $14.9 million.

These numbers certainly look impressive, but according to Swiatek, Osaka and Raducanu have not been at the top of their game this year. However, they have made a number of endorsement deals that have contributed significantly to their ranking on the list. After Iga Swiatek saw the ranking, he commented, “I’m glad to see that ranking. Money is not my motivation, but the tricky part is that I actually earned it on the pitch and other players earned it mainly from endorsements, so there is a difference. I feel like I can still expand my business a bit.”

While Iga Swiatek hasn’t named anyone in particular, fans are sure this statement is a cunning jab at Osaka and Raducanu. Swiatek’s comments could point more towards Raducanu and Osaka due to the significantly less time they spent competing on tour this year.


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However, the world number one is not ungrateful with the ranking and recognition she has received. “I am very happy that my life has changed so much that I am able to compete at the highest level and earn so much money because this is also something that really helps us appreciate the sport that we have.”

Swiatek and its sponsorships


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Some of Swiatek’s biggest sponsorships include Nike, Red Bull, Xiaomi, Rolex and Lexus. With the australian open about to start in a few weeks, fans will wait the number 1 in the world it will be a more popular face in sponsorships.

August 11, 2022; North York, ON, Canada; Iga Swiatek (POL) reacts after losing a point against Beatriz Haddad Maia (BRA) at Sobeys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Although Swiatek seems quite confident in her stance, her latest statement is remarkable. While she talks about expanding her endorsements and not relying entirely on court earnings, fans can expect to see her off the court more often now.


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