MATRIX announces a partnership program for global travel-related organizations: partners can promote real-life travel destinations and services, while monetizing platform visitors

TOKYO–()–MATRIX Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Junichi Goishi; hereinafter referred to as “MATRIX”) of MetaReal Group announces its partnership program for global travel companies and organizations. By promoting global travel destinations and services on the Metaverse, partners can promote sales of real-life travel products and generate revenue at the same time.

Leverage DOKODEMO Door reality Metaverse platform to promote global travel

By creating their own real-life VR content or leveraging our vast library of over 1,000 global destinations in over 100 countries around the world, travel-related businesses and organizations can promote their travel destinations and services from real life to a global audience.

As investment in VR and the Metaverse continues to grow, travel companies, airlines, hotel operators and tourism boards around the world can take advantage of this technology to offer potential customers an experience that is very close to actually being there. over there.

In addition to increasing travelers to real destinations, travel organizations can sell their VR travel experiences directly to users, as well as earn revenue through monetizing the visitor traffic they bring to the platform. Program details can be found here: Want to take your business to the Metaverse? (

About the DOKODEMO door

DOKODEMO Door is a reality “Metaverse space sharing platform” where users and creators (“Metaversers”) can come together to meet new people, meet friends and family, share experiences, learn new skills, and enjoy spaces together. from Metaverse.

Anyone can easily create a world (VR Metaverse space) and run free or paid events that users around the world can participate in using a VR headset, PC, or smartphone.

DOKODEMO Door Metaverse spaces are not computer graphics, but actual videos and images. When a user enters a space using a VR headset, he feels as if he is in the real world. DOKODEMO Door platform features real-time AI translation, where conversations between users are instantly translated and displayed in their language.

About Matrix Inc.

Established in September 2020 as a subsidiary of MetaReal Co., Ltd. (formerly Rozetta). Developed the reality Metaverse platform “DOKODEMO Door” with the corporate vision of “Eliminating disparities and discrimination in the previous reality, such as borders, language barriers, physical differences, knowledge gaps, and all other disadvantages” .

About MetaReal Co., Ltd.

Corporate mission: “Free humanity from the limitations of place, time, language and the physical”

AI, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), 5G/6G/7G (Multi-connection, high-speed, high-capacity communication), 4K/8K/12K (Super-resolution video), Video Distribution

By integrating the latest technologies such as solutions, wearable devices, robots and HA (Human Augmentation), people around the world can interact, live, work and enjoy their lives “anytime, anywhere and with anyone without the impediment of language.” We will realize the goal of “global ubiquity”.

For the past two years, we have focused on the “Metaverse business” as a growth field, driven by our group companies MATRIX Inc. (“DOKODEMO Door”) and TravelDX Co., Ltd. (“DOKODEMO Door Trip” ).

Company name: MetaReal Co., Ltd.


Location: New Kudan Building, 3-7-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Junichi Goishi, Representative Director

Established: February 2004

Business Description: services without language barriers through AI translation; planning, development and operation of VR life services

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