Mahidol University Created VR Contents to Teach Infectious Disease Treatment Skills and Conducted VR Remote Seminar for Japanese Medical Students Connecting Thailand and Japan

Collaborative development of VR infectious disease education with Jolly Good and Juntendo University

TOKYO, December 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jolly Good Inc. (Chuo-ku, tokyoCEO: Kensuke Jojihereinafter referred to as “Jolly Good”) held a virtual reality bilateral medical seminar connecting thailand Y Japan at JITMM 2022, an international medical conference, using virtual reality teaching materials Developed in collaboration with Royal Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand Chair: ProfessorBanchong Mahaisavariya hereinafter referred to as “Mahidol University”) and Juntendo University (Bunkyo-ku,tokyo President:hajime arai

) on the treatment of infectious diseases unique to Mahidol University.

At this seminar, a professor from Mahidol University gave a virtual reality remote lecture to Japanese medical students and residents with the aim of providing advanced Thai medical technology to Japanese medical educational institutions.

Mahidol University Created VR Contents to Teach Infectious Disease Treatment Skills and Conducted VR Remote Seminar for Japanese Medical Students Connecting Thailand and Japan

Mahidol University Created VR Contents to Teach Infectious Disease Treatment Skills and Conducted VR Remote Seminar for Japanese Medical Students Connecting Thailand and Japan thailand ranks fifth out of 74 countries in the world for the number of hospitals with JCI accreditation (an international standard for evaluating medical care) and boasts world-class medical care inAsia , in addition to possessing advanced treatment technology related to a variety of infectious diseases. However, being an aging society, thailand

it also faces a severe shortage of doctors and medical workers. Therefore, in the future, Jolly Good will continue to create virtual reality teaching materials based on thailand advanced medical technology in collaboration with Mahidol University, and starting with this virtual reality bilateral medical seminar, Jolly Good will work to share information with foreign medical institutions in a variety of situations related to the advanced level of thailand medical technology and will support efforts to attract foreign medical professionals tothailand

.* This is a collaborative demonstration project between Jolly Good and Juntendo University for the introduction of VR medical education for the purpose of developing medical human resources through the use of VR at Royal Mahidol University and throughoutthailand . (For more information:

the story continues There is a shortage of doctors inthailand

and it is necessary to provide medical technology Currently, more than 20% of the population of thailand is at least 60 years old, and the demand in the medical industry in the country is increasing. In addition, there is one doctor for every 2,000 inhabitants, which means that there is a shortage of doctors compared to other countries (one doctor for every 800 inhabitants inEurope and one doctor for every 600 people inJapan

), and the demand for medical workers is increasing. Therefore, as a national policy, thailand

formed a 10-year strategic plan to become a medical center in 2016, and as related organizations work together to establish advanced medical industry systems, new measures are required to protect medical personnel.

Overview of the Bilateral Virtual Reality Seminar at the Joint International Meeting of Tropical Medicine (JITMM) 2022

Topic: Virtual Reality in Medical Education Date:

Wednesday, December 7 Location: Room C, Montien Hotel Surawong,

Bangkok, Thailand Juntendo University,


Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Aongart Mahittikorn (Chairman), Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol Uni.

Dr AS Rapeepan Prasertbun, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol Uni. Teacher.Toshio Naito MD

. (Chairman), Department of General Medicine, Juntendo Uni. Assoc. Prof.Hirotake Mori MD

., Department of General Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Uni. Juntendo. Dr.Valentí Simon

Department of General Medicine, Juntendo Uni.Yutaro Oikawa

Jolly Good Inc.

Overview of collaboratively developed VR medical education for the treatment of infectious diseases

Theme: Virtual reality content for practical learning of staining methods in the diagnosis of malaria

Malaria is a protozoan infection transmitted by the bite of Anopheles mosquitoes. It is endemic to tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world, infecting about 220 million people and killing about 430,000 people a year. The basic diagnostic method for malaria is microscopic examination. Giemsa stain is a method of staining blood samples and is used for the histopathological diagnosis of malaria parasites and other blood parasites. Virtual reality is used to guide the staining steps and techniques necessary for proper sample preparation.About Mahidol University (

) Mahidol University is thailand

the best national university and the oldest university to offer bachelor’s degrees in medical related fields. It is a comprehensive university consisting of 17 colleges, 6 vocational schools and 8 research institutes, and actively conducts research and technical guidance related not only to medicine but also to human health. Its proactive approach as a research institute is highly appreciated both nationally and internationally.About Juntendo University (


Juntendo University is a comprehensive health university and graduate school consisting of 6 departments, 3 research departments and 6 affiliated hospitals. It promotes social contribution and the development of human resources internationally through the three pillars of education, research and medical care and practice. Juntendo University adopted Jolly Good’s VR solutions in 2021, and VR is already being used in various settings, including student education.About Jolly Good Inc. (


[Corporate Philosophy]

Jolly Good is a medical technology company that develops highly accurate virtual reality solutions and healthcare services that use AI to analyze user behavior in the virtual reality space. With various research institutions and companies, we provide services that support the evolution of healthcare and motivation of people in life by accelerating human growth and reintegration into society through medical education, support for people with disabilities and the treatment of mental illnesses using technologies such as VR. and AI.

[Mission / Vision / Value]

Technology reveals its true value when it is used by those who need it.

Mission: “Accelerate human growth with technology”

Vision: “Increase growth experiences and enrich your life”

Value: “Enjoy the updates and focus on substance and value”

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