Latest round of Galaxy S23 leaks: Brighter displays, bigger batteries, and improved cooling

With 2022 slowly but surely drawing to a close, the eyes of all tech enthusiasts are now firmly on 2023, and the latter is set to kick off with a bang. the launch of samsung Galaxy S23 (rumored to take place on February 1, 2023) is fast approaching.

Expect (many) more leaks in the coming weeks

A couple of days ago we saw some of the first Official promotional images of Samsung’s flagship line for 2023. This implies two main things. First, it lends credence to the fact that the launch is imminent. Yes samsung You’re already sending out promotional materials, an announcement should be just around the corner. Secondly, this means that we can expect a large number of additional leaks in the next couple of weeks. Judging from recent history, as soon as the launch event is officially scheduled, many media partners receive exclusive information that occasionally ends up leaking online. In all likelihood, the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup will share the same fate.

Once that happens, there is almost no room for surprises and all the details surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S23 can be officially confirmed. Before that happens though, we still have a couple of new (unofficial) bits of information that we think are very likely true.

Bigger batteries and brighter screens. S23 Ultra misses updates

Today, 2 new leaks have been brought to light by @IceUniverse, a prolific Samsung tipster, with an impeccable track record. The information was shared through the officer of the latter. Weibo account. It was later confirmed by other, less prominent sources. The first leak concerns the battery specifications of the S23 family. According to IceUniverse, both the Galaxy S23 Y Galaxy S23+ it will receive minor improvements in the capacity of the 200 mAh battery. The S23 Ultra However, it will have the same battery capacity as last year’s model.

Also, the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra will support 45W fast wired charging, while the smaller standard S23 still only has 25W. A detailed breakdown and comparison are available below.

* Preliminary information; Updates are in bold

The second leak claims that the S23 will receive a bump in maximum brightness levels: the screen of the smaller S-series smartphone should now max out at 1750 nits. For reference, the current Galaxy S22 it has a maximum brightness level of only 1300 nits.

It should be noted that the galaxy s22 plus and the Galaxy S22 Ultra it already has a maximum brightness level of 1750 nits. So this is a sizeable upgrade that brings the Vanilla S23 in line with its bigger brothers.

Improved cooling systems

It’s no secret that the Galaxy S series has historically struggled with thermals. This is one of the reasons why he sometimes fails to achieve the maximum performance that the roster aspires to achieve. Thankfully, Samsung has been working on a fix and it might finally be here. According to a source, the entire Galaxy S23 family will feature improved cooling systems. The leak was first brought to light by Ahmed Qwaiderand was later covered by Sammobile in an article.

According to Qwaider, Samsung has “addressed this point significantly during heavy use.” The thermal performance optimization, coupled with the overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets that the S23 is rumored to debut with, will add up quickly and likely produce a very powerful flagship.


This all sounds very promising on paper, but nothing is currently set in stone. Amidst all the hype and leaks, some misinformation may surface. Still, by most accounts, the Galaxy S23 is on the horizon and we’ll be able to put it to the test sooner rather than later.

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