Lakers injury report: Anthony Davis out indefinitely with stress injury

The lakers They’ve taken a big, big hit as Anthony Davis has been ruled out indefinitely. After undergoing further evaluation and initially being ruled out for at least a month, according to news reports, the Lakers provided a rather non-specific medical update on Friday, saying Davis has a “stress injury” to his right foot and will be out “indefinitely.” The team also added that “further updates will be provided when appropriate.”

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski followed shortly after with a report that Davis will be re-evaluated in 7 to 10 days and still hopes to avoid surgery, while Chris Haynes of yahoo sports reported a similar reassessment schedule:

Shams Charania’s the athletic issued a similar report, clarifying that his sources say Davis’ injury is a “stress reaction” and that there is hope that Davis could return sometime after the initial month’s timeline:

Our own Dr. Rajpal brar broke down what this injury could mean in his latest videosaying that “these are really wait-and-see injuries” that can essentially only heal with rest.

“Essentially, when bone is loaded at a higher rate than it is being repaired, it can cause changes in the bone that eventually lead to a stress reaction and then, if not properly unloaded and managed, a stress fracture. ”, Brar. said. “These low-level stress injuries can be difficult to see on an X-ray or MRI, which would explain why it takes so long to get an update on the AD injury.”

For Davis, this is some kind of brutal injury. The injury itself seemed to come in a fairly innocuous play.

After remaining so relatively injury-free for the first few weeks and months of the season, to suffer such a devastating injury like that is cruel.

For the Lakers, this is an equally devastating setback. With Davis playing at this level, the Lakers were getting in shape and working their way up the Western Conference standings back into playoff contention. However, with him willing to potentially miss out on some time, his path to contention is much bleaker with his current roster.

Obviously there is the possibility of a trade, but for a franchise already hesitant to make a move, a significant injury to AD probably won’t make them any more willing to go all-in. especially when you see increasingly unlikely that they find a deal they like for Russell Westbrook and with Myles Turner, a player who could have replaced Davis if the Lakers had traded him this offseason, something they were very close to doing it – looking closer and closer to being off the table now that he has entered into extension talks with Indiana.

It’s all just a hugely frustrating result for the Lakers and Davis in what’s becoming an all-too-familiar sentiment. Hopefully he can return sooner rather than later, but given how cautious these updates have been, it’s hard to feel too optimistic.

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