King Charles faces a ‘difficult’ first Christmas at the helm of ‘the firm’

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So far, the general ambition of The reign of King Charles can be summed up in four words: Don’t rock the boat.

It is a strategy that is likely to be extended to the royal christmas at Sandringham this year, with sources and pundits saying the king will seek to emphasize continuity with the past as much in private, with his family, as he has in public with his subjects.

“The family is still mourning the queen,” says a friend of the new king and queen, “The first Christmas without her will be a difficult time for everyone. There will be no jarring changes.”

One thing that seems likely to continue is the custom of give gifts on christmas eve, the friend told The Daily Beast, saying: “They have been exchanging gifts the night before Christmas Day since the time of Prince Albert. That will continue. It’s quite handy as Christmas Day itself is a very busy day in Sandringham.”

There’s also little doubt that the emphasis will continue to be on fun, gag gifts rather than expensive items.

It is said that Carlos he was once given a leather toilet seat by his sister, Anne, and the Netflix series The crown captured the Windsors’ love of silly gifts when the late Queen Elizabeth was shown absolutely delighted to receive a novelty singing fish from Prince Andrew, evidently much preferring it to Charles’s more serious gift of one of his own Scottish Highland watercolors .

That said, Christmas Day 2022 is likely to be the biggest royal gathering at Sandringham in many years.

All the house guests, with the exception of Prince Andrew, are expected to attend the church at 11 a.m., and sources say Camilla’s children Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes will be attending for the first time, along with their five children. Tom and Laura are friends, but not close, with Prince William and Kate Middleton, who will be at the church with their three children. For Prince Louis, 4It will be the first time that she will parade on Christmas Day. Here’s hoping for some funny faces.

Interestingly, Princess Anne’s daughter Zara and her husband Mike Tindall, who were seated in the front row at the Queen’s funeral, are expected to be there, a clear sign that they are members of the inner circle and that Mike’s stay in the British reality. Show I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! he hasn’t done anything to harm relationships (in fact, he probably did the family a favor; he was a popular presence and stripped down to a skintight bathing suit). Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Andrés’s daughters, are likely to be present at the church, with their partners and children (and quite possibly, the mother) in tow. Anne, Prince Edward, his wife Sophie and his families are all behind.

Needless to say, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they are not expected to fly

The other big public event of the day will be the King’s televised address to the nation at 3pm. It has already been recorded, and Queen Elizabeth’s legacy is likely to be a key theme. Arguably, Edward and Sophie have already set the tone, with your christmas card which presents them with the late queen and a legend inside that reads: “In memory of happy days”.

It will be interesting to see if Charles is able to refrain from bringing environmental or social messages to management. He suggested, in his accession speech, that he would set aside causes like climate change, when he said: “My life will, of course, change as I take on my new responsibilities. It will no longer be possible for me to devote as much of my time and energy to the charities and issues that matter so much to me.”

There’s no question this is a tough speech, and not just because it really will be a final goodbye to Queen Elizabeth when Charles comes to life shortly after 3pm on national screens. The UK is in a bit of a mess, hit by strikes, a cost-of-living crisis and a healthcare crisis. It remains to be seen if Charles can channel the healing and reconciling energy of his mother.

Kremlinologists will have their eyes glued to the photos that make up the king’s desk. On the queen’s day, this was always a sign of who was in and who was out. Harry and Meghan were said to have made the decision to rush to announce they were leaving the family in 2020 when they were left out of the 2019 desktop picture gallery. Placing a picture of Harry and Meghan on the mahogany this year would be a great branch. olive, but, it must be said, it is unlikely to happen.

The queen always made sure that lunch ended at 3:00 pm and watched the speech alone in her study, while the rest of the family watched it together in the music room.

It is not known if Charles will continue this tradition.

There is no question mark about the traditional Boxing Day session on December 26. William remains a keen hunter and for family members and neighbours, an invitation to the shoot – one of the best in the country – is the highlight of the festive season. The royals have gotten pretty smart about making sure they’re not photographed butchering pheasants and partridges, so don’t expect any photos of this bloodthirsty ritual to leak.

Younger royals will probably want to spend time with their own families, so I think the two- or three-day celebrations of the past may, in fact, be a thing of the past.

jennie link

However, there have been suggestions that Sandringham could empty out quicker than in previous years. Jennie Bond, a former BBC royal commentator, for example, said OK! magazine: “Younger royals will probably want to spend time with their own families, so I think the two- or three-day celebrations of the past may, in fact, be a thing of the past.”

William and Kate have been known to wish for their children to spend some time with Kate’s parents, Carole and Mike. It is believed that they were not invited to Sandringham, raising the possibility that the Cambridges could speed off to their Berkshire location after the Boxing Day shoot.

In fact, King Charles himself will supposedly lead the exodusthat she was making her way to Scotland shortly after Boxing Day, in stark contrast to the Queen, who would generally remain there until after Accession Day, 6 February, the anniversary of her father George VI’s death in 1952.

Many in the family may well be secretly delighted that Christmas 2022 at Sandringham is coming to this end rather quickly. As much as Charles has sought to present himself as a father figure, even a grandfather, this is not how he is generally seen in the family. He is an aloof man, who takes life very seriously and spends much of his life at his desk in his office. Even his friends would agree that he doesn’t have the good looks of his mother. So while the actual Christmas may look very similar for many years, he will most likely start to feel very different very quickly.

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