I’m a fit gym girl – people say I’m ‘lucky’ to have such a a great body but I work hard, you should see me lift

A FIT girl has received many compliments on her enviable physique.

She said the look did not come easy to her and revealed her grueling sessions pumping iron.

Isabel Yvonne is a gym fan with a physique to match


Isabel Yvonne is a gym fan with a physique to matchCredit: TikTok / by_isabelyvonne
She addressed the people who say she's 'lucky' to have her body


She addressed the people who say she’s ‘lucky’ to have her bodyCredit: TikTok / by_isabelyvonne

Isabel Yvonne is a fitness professional and digital content creator.

She said her body came from putting in longterm hard work at the gym.

“You are so lucky to have such a body,” she wrote over a clip of herself on the hip extension machine.

The video then switch to a montage of the blonde beauty doing several grueling exercises.

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She showed herself sprinting on the treadmill and doing heavy weighted hip thrusts.

“Lucky?” she asked.

She also did lunges and dead lifts with heavy weights applied to the bar.

“No,” she added. “Hard work.”

The petite woman revealed she was able to lift very heavy weights by training often.

“Hard work pays off,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans of the fitness influencer expressed their two cents in the comment section.

“Tbh i get quite upset when people say that. Like I’m working out 5 times a week just for you to tell me i was born with it?????? Nahhhh,” one wrote.

“I don’t see any luck,” another wrote. “I just saw hard work.”

“Keep up the good work,” a third added.

She revealed her rigorous weight lifting routine


She revealed her rigorous weight lifting routineCredit: TikTok / by_isabelyvonne

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