I’m a farmer’s daughter and I gym for 3 hours a day – people tell me to ‘keep up the hard work’

A FARMER’S daughter with a love of fitness has shared a summed-up version of what her life looks like right now.

Her demanding schedule isn’t for the faint of heart, and people commend her for her hard work and dedication.

TikTok user@farmersdaughtermn goes to the gym three hours a day


TikTok user@farmersdaughtermn goes to the gym three hours a dayCredit: TikTok/farmersdaughtermn
People praised the farmer's daughter online for her hard work ethic


People praised the farmer’s daughter online for her hard work ethicCredit: TikTok/farmersdaughtermn

TikTok user @farmersdaughtermn is a certified country girl, from, you guessed it, Minnesota.

The content creator typically posts about working on the farm, her health and fitness routine, and random moments with her friends.

In a video on the platform, she told viewers about the many hats she wears to accomplish her goals.

As she got her cardio in, the blonde pulled back the curtain and shared what keeps her occupied on a daily basis.

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Throughout the course of the video, the exercise enthusiast walked on a treadmill and showed off her muscular physique.

She wore high-waisted hot pink shorts that exposed her butt cheeks, a black athletic crop top, and white sneakers.

Her arm sleeve tattoo became visible as she fluffed up her hair.

As she walked, several subtitles popped up that explained why she was so busy.

One stated that she worked 50- to 65-hour weeks in corn hybrid research to help her fellow farmers.

Simultaneously, she took classes online to get her master’s degree in plant pathology.

Another said that she was a little over a month out from a bodybuilding show, so she spends two to three hours a day in the gym.

In the end, the beauty emphasized that she was “team no sleep.”

Her hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed.

“You’re awesome keep up that hard work,” one viewer commented.

“Keep working towards your goals!!” another fan added.

“Well, you sure don’t need beauty sleep that’s for sure.” an admirer wrote.

She told viewers about her personal and career goals in a TikTok video


She told viewers about her personal and career goals in a TikTok videoCredit: TikTok/farmersdaughtermn

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