I tried this one move every day to reduce hip flexor pain — here’s what happened

If hip flexor pain has a habit of disrupting your workouts, this one move could soothe sore hip flexors and even improve your squats and lunges. By adding it to your exercise routine, you could benefit from better flexibility, range of motion around your hips, and posture.

Frog pose is classically a yoga pose, translating as Mandukasana in Sanksrit. But of course, TikTok has since scooped up Frog pose and sent it viral, amassing more than 40 million views under #frogpose (opens in new tab), with TikTokers gushing over its perceived benefits. Users report that just 30 seconds to one minute a day could be a game-changer, from reduced stress and anxiety to a stronger pelvic floor.

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