“I feel like I can almost do everything right now”

Inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center at the G League Showcase in Las Vegas, all eyes and TV cameras were focused on an 18-year-old guard sitting at the end of the bench who will soon be the face of an NBA franchise.

turn on armorer scot henderson Multiple ESPN cameras recorded him cheering on his teammates from the sideline as he missed games at the Showcase due to injury.

After Ignite played the final game on Tuesday, December 20, Henderson spoke to HoopsHype for an exclusive interview. Henderson discussed how the G League experience has shaped his development, why he should be the face of an NBA team, the battle with Victor Wembanyama to get to No. 1 overall in the draft, a scouting report on his play, player comparisons and more.

Scott Henderson: I feel like it helped me develop as a person. I have a lot of time off the court being a professional. Basketball is basically a job and something you have to perfect. It just helped me discover who I was and learn a lot off the court, and it gave me that professional mindset to go to the next level.

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SH: I don’t really care who has a chip on their shoulder. I go in with a chip on my shoulder too. I have a family to feed. My family depends on me now that I’m also trying to make it to the league. I’m not too concerned if someone has a chip on their shoulder playing against me going into the game on the scouting report because I come with just as much energy, if not more.

SH: I feel like I would have done at least a year with the Ignite. He taught me a lot. I feel like I have the talent. It was just the job he had to do for the league. I think Ignite was my best decision.

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SH: First of all, my face is beautiful. I’m handsome. I think that’s one of the reasons. Who wouldn’t want me as the face of his franchise? Other than that, my skills, I’m a good person. I try to encourage others, my colleagues.

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SH: I am lucky to be in the position where I am confident. I want to be number 1. It’s my competitive spirit. I really want to be number 1 in whatever I do, whether it’s badminton or pickleball or whatever, I want to win. The second one is also great, but number 1 is the goal.

SH: I feel like my best strength is driving and kicking, going 100 mph and still being able to see the whole field and make quick decisions. I feel like I can pretty much do it all at this point. I’m still working on my game, my three-point shot and my mid-range shot, I’m still perfecting my way to the cup. I watch videos to try to be a smarter player and a better defender. I am improving defensively. Trainers jason hart Y cj williams they have been helping me.

SH: I want to work on being vocal. I feel like, during adversity, I still want to keep bringing my teammates. If we’re down a couple of points, I still want to have the same energy that I would have if we went up 20 points. I want to perfect that part of my game and my leadership.

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SH: Right now, probably who people say over and over again, russell westbrook. I want to be like andre miller with rhythm and the ability to see the ground. pass as Chris Paul and be smart. On a skill level, I want to be like Damian Lillard. I want to be a clash of all those guys. In defense, I know how jrue vacation. I watch all of his movies and try to be that complete player.

I was trying to get to know Andre. She was watching a movie of him before the game. Miller was going very slow, but he was getting what he wanted. I feel like I have the ability to go slow and fast and still get what I want.

SH: They try to install hard work. John shows up before a lot of people are at practice. He is older than all of us. He shows us how difficult it is to stay in the league. I feel like I have to work harder than him if I want to be great. If I want to be in the league now, I feel like I have to work twice as hard as him. I talk to Pooh all the time. He helped me take a big leap in my development.

SH: I grew up watching kobe ​​bryant. He was my favorite player of all time.

SH: I used to see russell westbrook highlights before the games. His aggressiveness is like that dog in you that you have to have. I try not to imitate him, but I see how I can get that out of myself.

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SH: My family. My little sister, my mom and dad. I want to be a household name. I want everyone to know the name scot henderson. I want to be big. I looked at Kobe. All he talked about was like the whole aspect of being great, it’s not just about the people around you or the work you do, it’s about playing for the fans.

SH: At least one championship. A ring or two, with luck. Any way God leads me. As long as I keep working hard, I feel like everything will come.

SH: Definitely. I used to create my own shoes in NBA2K.

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SH: It is an AAU development program in Marietta, Georgia. The practice gym is Next Play 360. My family owns it. I want to give the kids an outlet to play hoops and have that as their home. I feel like the show is for people who are ready to work and have that mindset built into them. Nothing will come to you if you don’t work for it. I want good children to pass through there. We teach them to play basketball and we also take young players who are girls or boys. I feel like it’s going to be one of the best AAU programs for years to come if we continue to develop.

SH: Last year, I was in a slump during the season. The teams began to decipher the scouting report on me. I felt that things were not going the way I wanted at one point, so I started worrying about too many things. I feel like I got over that and asked lady lillard as advice. During that time, I was frustrated in the hotel room, so I decided to bust my ass. I forgot about it, moved on to the next practice and game, and continued to build.

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