How to enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge

With Microsoft firmly retiring Internet Explorer in June 2022 after 27 years, some users may not be ready to say goodbye to the iconic web browser. Microsoft has shifted its focus to its latest web browser, Microsoft Edge.

Using an older browser like Internet Explorer allows you to view older websites that may not be compatible with newer browsers. Luckily, Microsoft Edge has offered a solution with Internet Explorer mode. But what exactly is it, how does it work and does it make a difference in navigation?

What is Internet Explorer mode?

Some people may want to continue using Internet Explorer (IE). And with Microsoft Edge being the second most used desktop browser Since it’s more secure and runs on Windows 11, it doesn’t plan on slowing down. So, you might be wondering what the IE mode entails.

The feature allows access to websites that are not supported by a single modern browser by using a dual-engine system determined based on the websites you visit. So if you need to access a website that hasn’t been updated or isn’t supported by modern browsers, you need IE mode.

And if you plan to use IE mode and stick with Microsoft Edge, it’s easy. make Edge your default browser in Windows 11.

How to enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge

Enabling IE mode is simple. First, open Microsoft Edge and click on the Ellipse button, which is a set of three dots (ยทยทยท) at the top right of the menu icon. Then click Settings to be taken to the settings page.

A screenshot of the Microsoft Edge settings page

In the panel on the left, click the Default browser option. Under the Internet Explorer Compatibility option, click Allow from the drop down box options in the Allow sites to reload in Internet Explorer mode section and click on the Restart button.

A screenshot of Microsoft Edge Ellipsis

The browser will restart and you will now be in Internet Explorer mode. The feature will be up more tools in the ellipsis. will appear as anyone Reload in Internet Explorer mode either Exit Internet Explorer modedepending on if you have it on.

Screenshot of the Internet Explorer mode logo indicator

You’ll know you’re in IE mode by the Internet Explorer logo to the left of the address bar, which you can click to display additional information. Only sites that you configure to use IE mode will take advantage of the feature. Otherwise, the sites will continue to use Microsoft Edge.

You can turn IE mode on and off at any time, and you even have the option to add IE mode to the menu bar at the top right for faster access.

Will Internet Explorer mode make any difference when browsing in Edge?

According to MicrosoftEdge is the only browser with built-in support for IE-based sites and apps, and the only browser that allows access to both old and modern sites.

IE mode offers users an “allowed list” where they can identify and access trusted sites. For safer browsing, unlisted websites open automatically with the modern engine. However, you can choose which websites to render.

The feature provides more security as IE mode does not support toolbars, which reduces malware and phishing attacks. But since Internet Explorer is an old browser, it is prone to vulnerabilities and exploitation due to the lack of security features in modern browsers.

You should not expect the feature to last forever, as Microsoft it plans to end support for IE mode in 2029. But it will give users a year’s notice.

Take advantage of Internet browsing mode in Edge

If you’re on Windows and using Microsoft Edge, there’s nothing wrong with trying IE mode to get a feel for how it works. But Mac and Linux users will miss out on using the feature as it only works on Windows desktops.

Now that you’ve enabled Internet Explorer mode, Microsoft Edge has more to offer, including some hidden features worth checking out.

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