How many recruits did Ohio State lose due to NIL? Bucknuts asks Ryan Day

Excuses, excuses. No one likes to make excuses for why they didn’t live up to expectations.

However, sometimes the excuses are the reality.

Every inside source we trust extensively has told the Bucknuts that Ohio State lost a handful of 2023 recruits to collectives elsewhere offering up-front NIL money that some youngsters felt they couldn’t pass up. And we don’t blame young people for that at all. Grab your bag, young man.

Furthermore, we are told that these particular recruits wanted to play for the Buckeyes, but since the OSU collectives are trying to play by the rules, due to the heavy hand of Ohio State’s outdated and bloated compliance department, and not providing pay recruits in advance, some young men felt they had no choice but to take the money and run. And that doesn’t make them jokers, Maurice. That is the reality of the situation.

At Wednesday’s signing day press conference at Ohio State, Bucknuts asked the head coach ryan day Generally speaking, how many 2023 recruits do you think your program lost because they can’t provide NIL payments up front.

“Good question. Depends on when you ask that question,” Day said. “No, I think, you know, it’s become part of the conversation for sure. But all 19 guys already signed, signed today in the initial period. I guess which is 12:30 right now, so there’s still an open period to sign in. So, we’re going to keep rocking on this thing.

“But I think for me today, it’s like, well, these 19 guys that have signed now, they deserve the recognition on a day like today, because it’s a great group. And I think when you look at the quality of the people that we’re bringing in, I think that’s the focus right now. I think it has to be for us. You know what I mean? So, I’m proud of our guys and they will surely have an amazing opportunity here.”

Speaking of the players who signed Ohio State’s class of 2023, many of them, of course, had other programs (again, the collectives, not the programs themselves) trying to lure them with big-money starting offers. But those recruits didn’t budge and signed on the dotted line with the Buckeyes.

“It says a lot about those guys,” Day said. “Seven guys from Ohio and 19 guys total here, I mean, these are guys who want to be Buckeyes. They know the opportunity here and there’s a lot that comes with deciding where to go to school. A lot of these guys did it for the right reasons. What I mean by that is like, focus on the things that really matter and one of those things, first and foremost, is the development that you’ll get at Ohio State. It’s the ability to go in and get an incredible education, it’s to be part of a program that will be in the hunt for the national championship every year, but it’s also part of an incredible culture. And being in the city of Colón.

“There are so many things that come with being a Buckeye that these guys recognize early on. And it’s about relationships. And I think our coaching staff did an amazing job building relationships through this process. Because this year was a unique season (due to NIL) and it’s going to be a completely different recruiting cycle, you know, unique next year, and every year it changes. This year, there have certainly been many changes. But in the end, it all comes down to relationships, and our guys did a great job of that.”

And let’s be clear. The Buckeyes signed a very good class that at the time of publication was ranked the No. 5 class in the nation in ’23. It’s not bad at all. The point of this story is all the sources that have informed us that the Buckeyes not only lost one or two of the best players due to NIL in this circle, but lost a “handful,” as one source put it, and “several as did another.And listening to Day’s responses to our questions, our sources seem 100 percent on point.

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