How likely is it that COVID is transmitted through surfaces?

While the dawn of the pandemic seems like a lifetime ago, it is also unforgettable. Suddenly, a mysterious and terrifying new virus was taking over the entire world, prompting everyone to scramble whatever was available to make masks, obsessively sanitize their hands, and clean food as soon as they brought it home.

There is no question that mask wearing and sanitizing are important in stopping the spread of COVID. But two years later, most people have stopped cleaning surfaces as often as before. But new research You may want to order disinfecting wipes in bulk one more time. According to scientists who carried out tests for the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the COVID virus can remain on some surfaces in supermarkets for days.

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For the study, scientists deliberately placed the COVID virus on food containers for beverages, cakes, fruit, canned goods, beverage cartons, and other items. After 24 hours, they found a significant drop in COVID particles in the packaging. However, they continued to find traces of the virus on certain surfaces several days later.

How worrisome are these findings? Here, three infectious disease doctors weigh in.

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