Fashion designer Vera Wang, 73, shocks the internet with a photo in a swimsuit

famous designer Vera Wang she shocked the internet when she shared a photo of herself posing poolside in a white bathing suit.

Wang, who celebrated her 73rd birthday in July, shared a snap of herself relaxing poolside after New Year’s Eve to instagram.

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“Tomorrow after NYE. Poolside coffee and a hint of neon thrown in for good measure,” the designer wrote, along with the snap of her showing her rocking a celebratory headpiece and fluffy neon shoes.

The snapshot left social media stunned by Wang’s eternal face.

Vera Wang’s snap left fans stunned. Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

“How the hell do you look like you’re 20?” asked a fan. “Benjamin’s Button Vibrations”.

Wang responded to the commenter via his official Vera Wang Gang page, writing, “No. It is not true”, to which the writer adds: “What is not true? You look amazing.”

Fans said it looked ‘incredible’. Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

“I love the cossie, Vera,” another fan added. “White looks fabulous.”

“You are a great lady,” wrote another.

Vera Wang surprises in new photos

Vera Wang surprises in new photos

It is not the first time that Wang stunned netizens with his ageless physique.

For her 73rd birthday, she shared pictures of herself in a pink dress, worn with shorts underneath, that showed off her long legs.

Wang donned a pink tiara and wore her dyed pink hair long and loose.

Her photos elicited an outpouring of love from fans who praised her looks as “incredible.”

“Your hair and skin are so beautiful and your outfit is stunning,” one commenter gushed.

Wang donned a pink tiara and wore her dyed pink hair long and loose. Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

“The way you look is unreal,” another shared. “Fabulous.”

Wang is no stranger to sharing her special day on social media.

The fashion icon shared images of the occasion on Instagram, where she wowed in a pink dress. Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

She celebrated his 72nd birthday in a neon dress – and more prosecco.

For her 71st birthday, she paid tribute to Pride Month with a rainbow-colored manicure.

Wang is uncomfortable with the focus on her age. Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

So how does she keep looking so young?

Talking with nbc In February 2021, Wang responded after photos of his abs during a workout caused a frenzy.

“I have to say, this whole thing was crazy, crazy, crazy,” he said.

Wang attributed her youthful appearance to her background in figure skating and ballet, along with a good night’s rest.

She also likes a drink after a long day, but is uncomfortable with the focus on her age.

Wang attributes her youthful appearance to her background in figure skating and ballet, along with a good night’s rest. Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

“Sometimes I joke and say I’m not really 101. I understand the focus, but I don’t think it should be about that focus,” he said. nbc.

“I think it should be about all women of any age. It’s really about you and having confidence.”

Vera Wang is seen arriving at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party on May 10, 2022 in New York City. Credit: Gilberto Carrasquillo

Sharing her beauty tips with the strategist In January 2022, Wang said she was “late” to make sunscreen part of her daily ritual, but now it’s “essential.”

“I choose my SPF generally based on where I am. If I’m in Miami or California, I’ll look for something stronger, maybe SPF 55. But I usually like SPF 30,” he told the publication.

“I use RoC’s SPF moisturizer when I’m in New York because it protects my skin and I’m not allergic to it.

“My skin has changed so much in the last few years that now things that never used to react to irritate it.”

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