Every Sith Planet in Star Wars Canon

The Sith have a storied history in Star Wars canon, including a number of dark side planets throughout the galaxy. Perhaps the most prominent Sith planet in the franchise is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘s Exegol, a dark desert planet in the Unknown Regions. Although developments on Exegol are instrumental in shaping events in the galaxy during the rise of the First Order, there are several other notable planets that have sinister Sith history.


While the Sith have an illustrious backstory and many associated planets in Star Wars Legends, only those that have been addressed in the new Star Wars The canon will be presented, although in some cases details of the planet of the Expanded Universe will be mentioned. This includes planets featured in live-action movies and television, animated television, novels, and any other official publication. Star Wars canonical matter. There is a plethora of Star Wars Force-rich planets throughout the galaxy, but only those with an established dark side presence are relevant.

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Rey confronts Palpatine on Exegol in Rise of Skywalker

Also known as Ixigul, this desolate Sith planet is home to the Sith Eternal and Darth Sidious’s Final Order as depicted in The rise of Skywalker. Prior to Sidious’s occupation, and like other planets contaminated by Sith influence in Star Wars Canon, Exegol was once a lush world teeming with life. In their search for a powerful convergence in the Force beneath the planet’s surface, the ancient Sith Lords blighted the planet through heavy excavation and the establishment of subterranean fortresses.

Sidious inhabits the Sith Citadel on Exegol, a primitive underground structure that serves as a redoubt and place of restoration of Palpatine’s Sith Eternal. Mostly shrouded in darkness with occasional static discharges of lightning, the planet’s natural shadow makes it an ideal hideout for Sidious’s Final Order. Exegol’s remote location in the Unknown Regions also makes the planet a perfect place for Sidious to perform diabolical experiments, such as his creation of Snoke. Time Star Wars Legends cite the now-defunct planet Korriban as the birthplace of the Sith, Exegol is considered one of the planets that housed the first generations of the Sith Order in Star Wars Canyon.


the planet of Star Wars Moraband Korriban

Formerly known as Korriban in Star Wars Legends, this early Sith planet is reintroduced into canon in Star wars, the clone wars season 6. Yoda travels to the Valley of the Dark Lords in Moraband, a region that is home to several crypts belonging to extinct members of the Sith Order. the clone wars episode features darth bane among the entombed Sith Lords of the planet. Bane is the creator of the Rule of Two and the last Sith Lord buried there before the planet is abandoned a millennium before the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

Moraband’s position in Star Wars canon is transferred from Korriban’s in Star Wars legends. The bleak desert world is home to mountainous terrain and expanses of red sands left in a state of disarray after years of conquest and warfare. The planet is innately strong in the dark side of the Force, as upon Yoda’s arrival it begins to experience powerful visions manifested by the Sith.

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A space ship approaching Dagobah

Another world closely associated with the legendary Jedi Master, Dagobah is Yoda’s chosen exile planet. after his loss to Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Yoda’s initial visit to the planet is prompted by Qui-Gon Jinn, as the late Jedi Master sought to communicate with Yoda by channeling a link between the Force Cosmic and the Living. Qui-Gon describes Dagobah as “one of the purest places in the galaxyHowever, this Sith planet is one of the most mysterious in Star Wars canon due to his dark side heritage.

Though not as inherently vile as some of the other Sith planets, Dagobah is clouded with elements of the dark side of the Force, most notably its Dark Side Cave. Also known as the Cave of Evil, the lair emits potent visions of the dark side to those who dare trespass within its confines. Although it is not confirmed in Star Wars canon, it is believed that Yoda hides on Dagobah due to the existence of this Dark Side Cave. Currents from the dark side of the Force presumably balance the powerful presence of Yoda’s light side, keeping him hidden from Darth Sidious and the Empire.


A combined image of Emperor Palpatine and Coruscant from Star Wars.

Jumping to the center of the galaxy, Coruscant is a Core World that served as both the capital of the galaxy during the Clone Wars and the Imperial Center during the reign of the Galactic Empire. While the planet is conventionally seen as a conduit for the light side of the Force given the presence of the Jedi Temple, James Luceno the most accurate The novel presents the existence of a Sith sanctuary below the Temple. the most accurate tells the timeline of the Clone Wars and cements Coruscant as a Sith planet in Star Wars canon, as it illustrates that the world has long been under the rule of the Sith.

Sheev Palpatine’s frontline role as Chancellor on Coruscant while simultaneously orchestrating the fall of the Jedi as Darth Sidious exhibits another hidden duality. If the presence of Dagobah’s dark side masks Yoda’s strength in light, the Sith sanctuary on Coruscant obscures Palpatine’s sinister nature from the Jedi. The Jedi notice the presence of the dark side on Coruscant on multiple occasions, but it is believed that the reason they are never able to fully discern Sidious’s occupation of the planet is due to the resonant and conflicting dark side forces emitted by the Sanctuary in the deepest. Makes Coruscant a significantly powerful Sith planet in Star Wars Canyon.

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Obi-Wan and Anakin duel on Mustafar with lava erupting in the background.

Mustafar is home to Darth Vader’s castle and it has a harsh environment, but it wasn’t always the lava-filled wasteland commonly depicted in Star Wars Canyon. Mustafar was once a fertile garden world before a change in orbit heated the planet’s core. Although the planet is not originally corrupted by Sith schemes, Vader is directed to return to Mustafar to build his red lightsaber and carry out Sith training on him. Sidious feels that the planet should contain Vader’s Fortress since it is the scene of his maiming and defeat by Obi-Wan in revenge of the sith. Sidious believes that Vader can harness the rage and pain he endured there to deepen his connection to the dark side.

Mustafar is most notably associated with Darth Vader’s volcanic origins, but the rise of skywalker presents a new angle on the planet Sith. Kylo Ren kills members of the Alazmec cult on Mustafar in an attempt to locate a Sith Wayfinder. Although the landscape is still scorched and marred by an ashen atmosphere, the rise of skywalker makes it clear that certain regions of Mustafar are not as volatile as initially expected.


Dathomir covered in red

Similar to Moraband’s cloudy atmosphere, Dathomir possesses a similar red tint. Although not as closely related to the Sith as other planets in Star Wars canon, Dathomir remains prominently steeped in Sith lore. Another planet hailing from the Outer Rim, Dathomir is home to the infamous Nightsister and Nightbrother clans featured in the clone wars. Dathomir has a distinguished dark side presence during the Clone Wars, as malevolent forces brewing on the planet give rise to powerful force wielders like the witch leader Nightsister prominent in the clone warsdathomir stories, Mother Talzin.

During a meeting on Dathomir where Sidious and Talzin mix dark side abilities with Nightsister magic, Sidious claims that Talzin would become the “dark lord”.right hand.This claim did not come to fruition, as Sidious returns to claim one of Talzin’s sons, a male Zabrak who later becomes Darth Maul. Dathomir residents have made notable appearances in other media in Star Wars Canyon. The planet is also home to clone wars character Asajj Ventress, appears heavily in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Orderand is the cradle of the iconic grudge.

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Star Wars Rebels Malachor

Malachor first appears in star wars rebels Season 2, Episode 21, “Twilight of the Apprentice.” Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, and Ahsoka Tano travel to the planet in hopes of gaining Master Yoda’s knowledge. On Malachor, the trio encounter several former and current Sith practitioners, including Maul, Vader, and Star Warsinquisitorsvillains without formal Sith affiliation. More consequently, the party comes across past relics of the Great Scourge of Malachor, a historic battle between the Jedi and the Sith at the Sith temple of Malachor.

Hidden in the Outer Rim, Malachor is a forbidden Sith planet that is devastated by the Scourge. However, the planetary superweapon housed in the Sith temple on Malachor remains intact. The temple contains a Sith holocron that powers the superweapon along with a kyber crystal, but it eventually implodes after the holocron is removed. The conflict in star wars rebels is yet another consequence of Malachor’s tendency to provoke violence in its visitors, as the implosion of the Sith planet’s superweapon leaves further destruction on Malachor’s war-torn surface.

Ziost, Dog, Rhelg and Dog

Star Wars Old Republic Joint Pall

Ziost, Jaguada, Rhelg and Asog are recognizable planets of Star Wars Legends but they are not yet developed enough in Star Wars Canyon. These planets are all mentioned as having relevance of the dark side to the sith order. Ziost, Jaguada and Rhelg appear in Pablo Hidalgo’s visual dictionary for the rise of skywalker, a reference book considered canon. Like the forbidden wilderness of Malachor, this trio of Sith planets is in quarantine during the Republic Age. Asog is also referenced in print via Michael Kogge. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: A Young Adult Novel.

The four worlds experience a trajectory familiar to many of the other Sith planets in Star Wars canon, beginning as productive outposts before Sith malpractice warped their surfaces into states of infertility. Like Ziost, Jaguada, and Rhelg, much of Asog’s Sith history is lost as a result of the visitation embargo. Even small mentions of these Sith planets indicate their increasing relevance in Star Wars Canyon.

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