Equinox’s ‘We Don’t Speak January’ campaign sparks uproar on social media

That New Years’ weight loss started a day late for some.

Luxury fitness club Equinox is coming under criticism online after they launched a day-long campaign labeled “We Don’t Speak January,” forbidding new members from joining.

On Jan. 1, as many ready to ring in the new year by getting into shape, those who went to Equinox’s website to sign up for the luxurious gym were greeted by an unusual message.

“It’s not you, it’s January,” a message posted on Equinox’s website read.

The company called the month of January “a fantasy, delivered to your door in a pastel-colored box.”

You are not a New Year’s resolution. Your life doesn’t start at the beginning of the year. And that’s not what being part of Equinox is about,” the message told hopeful new members.

The message ended by assuring those wishing to sign up that the fitness club was looking “forward to welcoming you to our Equinox community tomorrow.”

Equinox Hudson Yards.
Equinox’s bizarre New Year’s Day campaign has the internet in an uproar.
Getty Images for Equinox

Doubling down on their stance, the company posted a list of reasons in a photo on Twitter as to why they are not allowing newcomers to sign up.

“January is a language we don’t understand,” it started with, only to reiterate more of what was posted on its website.

The bizarre marketing stunt was greeted with mounting backlash online.

“No one who actually cares about fitness goes to Equinox. Rich people just have a biological need to waste money,” one Twitter user tweeted.

“Equinox gives such loser vibes,” another user said in a quote tweet of Equinox’s New Year’s Day post.

“Didn’t realize a health club would be so vehemently against people trying to…checks notes…improve their health and well-being?” a user commented under the company’s tweet.

Not everyone was upset by the fitness club’s New Year’s Day campaign.

Equinox isn’t accepting new memberships today. Super bold, super smart, strategically aligned with their brand,” a user tweeted in support of the company’s campaign.

“Equinox didn’t accept new signups on Jan. 1. Their gyms are okay, but their marketing is A+,” another user tweeted.

Equinox Hudson Yards.
As on Jan. 2, new members have been welcomed to join the luxury fitness club.
Getty Images for Equinox

A TikTok posted by Equinox and then deleted also had some fun at the expense of those unable to sign up on Jan. 1.

The video, which showed an empty gym and one member joyfully working out alone, had an on-screen text which read, “When it’s Jan. 1, but you remember Equinox isn’t letting new members join today.”

“Take your resolutions somewhere else,” the video caption read.

As of Monday, new members could sign up for the gym, which charges $382 monthly for worldwide access to all its locations.

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