David Harbor on mental health, running and supporting others this holiday season

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow endless, finding solace in the dark winter days can be difficult. Finding an activity that provides some peace of mind is more important than ever in these months. Strange things Y violent night star port david He found his escape by running.

Harbor is no stranger to the difficulty of changing your mental health and jumping into a new wellness routine. As he battled anxiety during the pandemic, he chose to clear his mind of him by going outside for a run every day.

Mustering up the energy to run for more than a couple of minutes at a time was initially a challenge. Harbor told CNET that he would run for a few minutes and walk the rest, then repeat the series again. That’s a familiar experience to most. first time runnersor those only get back into the rhythm of exercising. However, once she got over those mental and physical hurdles, Harbor said, he found undeniable positive mental and physical benefits to running every day.

“My doctor recommended three days a week, 35 minutes of cardio, and it made a difference in all my blood levels, so it’s just a great physical benefit,” Harbor said. “Mentally, it strengthens your mind in the sense that you show up, and even on those days when you don’t want to run or feel tired, you just show up and do what you can.”

While it may take some time to get physically fit, overcoming the “I can’t do this” voice in your head and fighting the natural urge to compare yourself to the person next to you can be one of the biggest challenges. It’s hard to learn not to feel self-conscious about your mile time while the person on the treadmill next to you is running 10 times as fast. How did Harbor get over this? “It’s not anyone else’s run, and it shouldn’t take up space in your brain either. Your run, your life, your health, your well-being, it’s all about you, the pace at which you’re going, and that’s it.”

In an effort to promote physical fitness and mental health while giving back to your community this holiday season, Harbor is partnering with running streams in support of their “Buy Gear, Give Gear” program.

About thirty runners, with David Harbor in the center of the last row.

David Harbor (back row, center, in maroon jacket) and Brooks Running surprise members of the non-profit organization Back on My Feet for a run in New York, in partnership with Brooks Running.

running streams

From December 8-14, Brooks hosted a “Buy Gear, Give Gear” event, asking buyers to donate “gear for a year” to back on my feet. By offering financial education classes, job skills training programs, and daily careers, Back on My Feet aims to help the homeless and those living in addiction centers find a solid path to independence and fitness. physical. On December 3, Harbor surprised the members of the Back on My Feet New York chapter with new Brooks gear during her run. She also teamed up with Brooks as part of the “It’s your career” campaign in August.

“This Back on My Feet program is pretty profound in its simplicity. People are struggling and don’t know where to turn, and you give them a place and a time where they can show up and just do what they can for that day,” she said. Harbor. “There’s something about having a good pair of running shoes that has a ritual behind it when you put them on. You walk downstairs, put your shoes on, and then you go for a run.”

Although Brooks’ “Buy Gear, Give Gear” program may be over, you can still give back this holiday season by donating to the back on my feet organization. If you’re looking to improve your mental health this winter, put on your Brooks and head out for a run. Who knows, you might like it, stranger things have happened.

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