Complete Guide To Maximising Your Fitness & Gym Activities Using ClassPass

Did you binge eat during the CNY holidays until now you are feeling you need to get active to burn those pineapple handles away?

With gyms sprouting out everywhere even in the heartlands, it is definitely not difficult to find a gym and sign up for a package and get your fitness goals started. But what if you are a half-committed gym person like me or are someone who is still searching for the perfect fitness place and have no clue where to start. Then you’ve come to the right place.

I first discovered ClassPass in 2018 when I was dabbling with committing to a yoga studio. I was then working at yoga land area (also known as Raffles Place) and I was lured by the app offerings as the class rates were often cheaper than the studios. I was also using ClassPass as I could try out the various fitness places without signing any packages.

Fast forward to today, I have dedicated yoga studios I prefer and have signed up for studio packages as well. But I still hover over to ClassPass for a lot of my exercise needs due to the variety of classes available and the location-based offerings.

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What Are The Subscription Plans On ClassPass

In Singapore, there are almost 1,000 fitness and wellness places placing their offerings on ClassPass. Activities range from gyms, cycling, strength training, boxing and yoga studios, to massage, spas, meditation, hotels, and plenty more.

Image Credit: ClassPass

ClassPass offers the following plans:

  • 8 credits: $19 per month
  • 25 credits: $59 per month
  • 45 credits: $99 per month
  • 85 credits: $185 per month
  • 150 credits: $315 per month

A class uses 3 to 15 credits usually so with the average plan of 45 credits, you can attend 3 to 7 classes a month.

Note: If you are on a roll and have quickly ran out of credits, you can add credits without changing your monthly plan. 2 credits cost $6 ($3 per credit), while 10 credits cost $25 ($2.50 per credit). But do note that they cost slightly more than monthly plan credits, so only rely on this if you don’t wish to change your plan.

Types Of Classes Available

The fitness and wellness aggregator is very transparent on the offerings it has on its platform. You can toggle to find classes and appointments on its website or app and immediately explore the classes available in your location area even if you are not a member.

For example, for classes in the Downtown Core area, there are cycling, strength training, boxing, pilates, yoga, running, gymnastics, dance, barre, open gyms, belly dancing, pole dancing, and outdoor cycling.

Image Credit: ClassPass

It is all within walking or a short distance away, as the app navigates places close to you. Some gyms that are closed for the day/fully booked will not show available classes but will be shown at the bottom of the app to reflect that they are in the area so you can keep them in mind for future classes.

The variety of activities make it easy for a beginner to explore and try out. Every studio also has its guidelines and information so you can read up before visiting to be well prepared.

For example, if you wish to take a Knockout boxing class at Box Office Fitness, you can read up on what to do. First timers will have to show up about half an hour earlier to prepare for the class. There will also be a short description on the class and how intensive it will be.

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How To Book A Class

Before you check out, do read the general instructions first. Some gyms/studios may need you wear a certain attire, or to bring your own towel or exercise materials.

If you forget to bring items required for the class, the studios are likely to have spare ones available but you may have to pay to use them. Do also read the safety and cleanliness information the gym/studio has as part of Covid-19 measures. Once you are comfortable with your choice, the next step will be to book the class.

Click Reserve to book the class and you will be brought to the next page to show the confirmation of the slot. You can add the class to your calendar as a reminder feature.

That’s it! You are now set for your next activity challenge. Do bring your own water to hydrate yourself during the class.

Tip #1) New Members: Make Use Of The Free Trial

New Singapore members get the first month free, and after the 1-month trial, you’ll automatically enrol into ClassPass’ 45 credits per month plan. You can adjust your plan any time after the first trial month.

You should make full use of the first month free trial which will issue you 45 credits.

The credit count depends on the amount of credits you purchase. So if you use only 6 credits per class that can extend to 7 classes. But of course not all classes offer the same credit rates. Some classes like a WeBarre class is usually 11 to 13 credits, so if you choose to go for that then you can only attend up to 4 lessons.

You can calculate how much your class costs with this chart:

ClassPass credits cost

8 credits: $19/month plan $2.375 per credit
25 credits: $59/month plan $2.36 per credit
45 credits: $99/month plan $2.20 per credit
85 credits: $185/month plan $2.176 per credit
150 credits: $315/month plan $2.10 per credit
Average price per credit: $2.242 per credit

Tip #2) Make Use Of The Free Perks: Free Towels, Use Of Gym/Studio Shower Facilities

Some gyms and studios come with shower facilities, use of Dyson hairdryer, and soap and shampoo. So when looking for a class, do check out the features of the gym to maximise your experience there.

Larger studios like WeBarre and Yoga Movement also offer rest areas and open spaces. So if you are early for your class, you can enjoy the comfortable seats there and even shop some of their merchandise put up for sale.

The merchandise the studios sell are usually gym wear or wellness products like soaps and aromatherapy scents.

Tip #3) Bargain Hunt: Look Out For Discounted Rates From Popular Gyms

Popular gyms that usually charge more offer good rates, especially for newcomers as they want to attract you to visit their facilities and potentially convert you to consider a package with the studio.

Time to time, they might slash prices for their sessions during off peak periods or when the class is not filled up enough.

Another tip is to note that the class rates from gyms and studios differ even if it’s the same kind of activity. So if you are not choosy with the environment and the size of the studio (no shower facilities), boutique studios are an alternative option with a better price point.

Image Credit: ClassPass

Tip #4) Book A Class Last Minute To Pay Lower Credits

The same theory applies for classes that will start soon or are happening later in the day. Due to the fluid metric of ClassPass, the rates of upcoming classes that are not full yet might see discounts of a few credits so as to fill up the spots.

Consider this only if you are ready for a class, brought your gym wear along and are not choosy about the type of studio and class to take.

Tip #5) Find A Class Near Your Home/Work To Save On Travel Expenses

More often than not, it is better to select a class closer to home or work, or wherever you are. This way you can save on transport expenses and will not need to rush to the class because of traffic problems.

You can save more than $10 on transport compared to if you had to take a Grab to your class after work/school. There will also be less dread for the class as it is more convenient to head over.

Tip #6) Use A Cashback Or Rewards Credit/Debit Card To Earn Points For The Recurring Monthly Rates

Since the bill will be recurring you should peg the card payment to a card that gives you free rewards points or cashback. You get to earn some points/cashback while keeping fit, which is the best of both worlds.

For example, you can add your GrabPay Card as the card to bill your monthly fees to. This helps you grow your Grab reward points which can be used to redeem vouchers/promotions.

Tip #7) Consider Wellness Activities When You Have Extra Credits Left

There will be months when you are so swarmed with life and work that the fitness aspect of your life is lacklustre. That’s okay too, as you can opt for wellness sessions on the ClassPass app with your credits instead.

However, do note that the wellness activities will not see large discounts as they are services that in general cost a bit more – grooming, haircut, spa or nail sessions.

Image Credit: ClassPass

Another bonus about ClassPass is that you can roll over unused credits to your next month’s plan. For example, if your plan includes 19 credits, you can roll over up to 19 credits into the next month.

The credits will appear in your account 48 hours after renewal. However, any more additional credits will expire.

If you purchased any top-up credits or credit bundles, they will be rolled over (up to 10 credits) to the next month if you cannot finish them.

Tip #8) Refer A Friend To Score Credits And Discounts

Some classes are more fun as a group activity. Growing the ClassPass community benefits you in the form of credits and discounts on your plan too.

You can do so by referring your friend through your referral link. First, search for any class and click the Invite button or tap the Invite A Friend link that appears once you reserve a spot.

You can also log into the ClassPass app and tap the profile tab in the lower right corner and select Refer A Friend. Once your friend becomes a paying member after a free trial, you will receive your reward credited to your account within 7 to 14 business days.

Tip #9) Attend Classes Overseas To Keep To Your Fitness Routine

According to ClassPass, you can attend classes overseas on the app. The platform has a presence in over 2,500 cities worldwide.

You can use your membership overseas by tapping on your existing credits.

Countries that ClassPass is in include the United States, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Tip #10) Don’t Cancel Or Miss Your Class, Unless Absolutely Necessary

If you realise later in the day that you are unable to attend the class, do note the late cancel and missed reservation charges.

Late cancel

  • Can be cancelled up to 12 hours prior to start time with no charge and credits will be returned to you.
  • If you cancel within 12 hours of start time, a late cancellation fee will be imposed. In Singapore it can range from $12 to $59.

Missed reservation

  • If you miss the reservation without cancelling, you will get the credits returned to your account.
  • You will be charged a missed reservation fee that ranges from $17 to $68.

It is clear that ClassPass takes the bookings seriously so try not to play truant or miss a class as it can cost you.

Featured Image Credit: ClassPass

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