#AskFirefox host Chenae Moore talks about internet pranks and recipe videos making her lose sleep.

Chenae Moore smiles for a photo.
Chenae Moore is the host of our YouTube series, #AskFirefox.

Here at Mozilla, we’re the first to admit that the Internet isn’t perfect, but we’re also quick to point out that the Internet is pretty magical. The Internet opens doors and opportunities, allows people to connect with others, and allows everyone to find where they belong: their corners of the Internet. We all have an internet story worth sharing. In My Internet Cornerwe talk to people about online spaces they can’t get enough of, what we should save on Pocket to read later, and which sites and forums shaped them.

This month we chat with Chenae Moore. She is the hostess of our YouTube series, #AskFirefoxwhere we answer your pressing questions to help you understand the web and live your best life online.

What is your favorite corner of the internet?

My favorite corner of the internet is the “jokes” section of TikTok. Not the ones where people violate their personal space or give people near heart attacks, but the ones where people do silly things at home to get their spouse’s natural reactions. Or when people approach strangers and act like they know them and the stranger feels bad that they forgot how they met and goes along with them. I can not get enough. It literally makes me cry.

What’s an internet deep dive you can’t wait to dive back into?

The most ridiculously satisfying deep dive is to watch ingrown toenail removal videos. Dr. Toenail and The Meticulous Manicurist are two of my favorites. I can sit and watch for hours because the end results are that rewarding. It makes me want to grab some tools and go to work on my own. Unfortunately, I don’t have ingrown toenails. Dammit.

What is the tab you always regret closing?

I always regret closing recipe videos. I’ll find an amazing recipe and hang up my phone and lose the recipe and lose sleep because I can’t stop thinking about it. Now I just send myself tons of prescriptions. My DMs are basically a cookbook and now I’m pretty much a professional chef.

What can’t you stop talking about on the internet right now?

Technology! I enjoy technology so much that I went and got a fiancee in technology and a technology program! I host a show called #AskFirefox where I answer questions and provide resources on how to navigate the wonderful world of technology. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

When I want to catch up on reality tea, it’s all about “The Real Housewives” for me. This previous season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was DRAMA PATCHED! I follow tons of Bravo accounts so I’m even up to date on some of the drama from shows I’ve never watched.

What was the first online community you interacted with?

Probably MySpace in the past. Oh what a time to be alive.

What articles and videos are in your Pocket waiting to be read/watched right now?

Definitely tons of recipes, especially brunch recipes. My family and I have brunch every Christmas, so I start finding recipes months in advance. Games and gift ideas for my nieces to spoil them. Workouts for abs and buttocks.

If you could create your own corner of the Internet, what would it be like?

Rare sightings of Mary-Kate and Ashley. As their number 1 fan, it’s quite hard to keep up with what they’re going through since they’re very private people. TV clips from ’90s sitcoms so we can remember how awesome family TV was and also get a life lesson along with it (a two for one!), ’90s R&B throwbacks, and band hits of guys from the 2000s so we can learn the dance moves that took the world by storm before TikTok and were blessed by amazing fashions at the same time. Another winner winner, chicken dinner!

Chenae Moore is a Michigan native and professional film actor. With a focus on comedy and branded content, his recent commercial work includes brands such as Tillamook, Fujifilm and Mattel, in addition to film and voiceover roles.

To keep up with Chenae, you can watch new episodes of #AskFirefox on YouTube every Thursday. Also look for her as one of the newest members of the REACT Media cast: @REACT on YouTube Y Tik TokY @REACTmedia on Instagram. Or just give her a follow on Instagram: @Hey_Nae.

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