Alleviate your daily problems with the best pocket insurance policies

Alleviate your daily problems with the best pocket insurance policies

General insurance covers a large market and definitely meets the various needs of people. To keep your expensive and essential belongings safe and not disturb your hard-earned savings, it has become important to purchase insurance plans. There are a number of options for general insurance and pocket insurance is one of them. Let’s find out more about it.

What is Pocket Insurance?

With the term pocket insurance, the first thought that comes to mind is pocket friendly. Well, that’s exactly what pocket insurance means. In addition to the main necessities of daily life, such as the car and the bicycle, there are many things that you may want to insure for. These include mobile phones, keys, travel, etc. You can buy the plan starting as low as ₹19/year. However, there is no renewal option for out-of-pocket insurance plans. Once the tenure ends, the policy lapses. All other procedures, whether buying the plan or filing a claim, remain the same.

How does pocket insurance help you in your daily life?

Daily threats put a heavy strain on pockets, wouldn’t you like to have a security blanket that could cover all your precious items? Fortunately, you can remove the burden of everyday risks and dangers by opting for a pocket insurance politics. Since these everyday risks are overlooked in conventional insurance policies, policyholders cannot get the benefit of small risk coverage by choosing a conventional policy. Conversely, if you buy an out-of-pocket insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about day-to-day expenses for minor damages and losses.

With the right pocket insurance, you get additional protection coverage and can save money. For example, smartphone screen repair, washing machine and air conditioning along with health consultation fees are managed by the insurance policy. The insured has full authority to request a claim. The insurer will settle the deserved claim after verifying some documents without delay. Therefore, she must purchase an insurance policy out of pocket based on her needs. She will be able to manage her premiums regularly because they are affordable and give her most prized possessions complete protection.

What can you insure with Pocket Insurance

Now it’s easy to manage small stressful expenses. Look at the following list that includes all those things that you can cover by opting for pocket insurance:

  1. Get insurance for your wallet, credit and debit cards
  2. Your mobile device and its screen can be insured
  3. Manage doctor’s consultation fees
  4. diagnostic tests and hospital bill
  5. Get coverage against loss, repair, theft, and accidental damage to your washing machine, air conditioner, and refrigerator
  6. Safeguard your keys with pocket insurance and take advantage of its benefits in case of loss
  7. Secure your watch, water purifier, kitchen appliances, charger, laptop, tablet, wireless headphones, camera, inverter and other small devices.
  8. Buy an insurance plan to protect data, online banking and ATM card
  9. Get insurance coverage for dance accidents, adventure hazards, and morning walk accidents
  10. Buy pocket insurance such as helmet insurance, pedal insurance, sportswear insurance, firecracker insurance, and commuter insurance
  11. Get insurance coverage for major events
  12. Shop unique plans like Natural Disaster Coverage, Delhi Metro Insurance Coverage and Mumbai Local Train Insurance
  13. Get any vacation coverage like baggage insurance, backpacker insurance coverage, domestic vacation coverage, travel coverage, etc.
  14. Take out pocket insurance to obtain coverage against maternity expenses and pregnancy complications
  15. Make your life easier by buying an EMI shield cover
  16. Shop kids’ plans for education, healthcare, and more
  17. Be less dependent on nature and buy a monsoon cover.


Out-of-pocket insurance plans can save you the costly costs of replacing or repairing expensive belongings. Not only this, quality healthcare facilities also become an easy option when you have the right insurance that demands low annual premiums. So, secure your essentials today to give them an extra shield of care.

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