6 Things This Pilates Trainer Wants You to Know 

Pooshies and Pilates go together like matcha and multi-masking. This low-impact workout modality focuses on slow, controlled movements that strengthen our slow-twitch muscle fibers—these are key for stability, endurance, and muscle tone. But lately, it feels like we’ve just been going through the motions (blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alarmingly short days). 

Enter Shannon Nadj, founder of LA-based studio Hot Pilates, who reminded us that we get the most out of our practice when we focus on the mind-body connection. 

To help us do that, she shared the 6 things to focus on while doing Pilates, whether it’s an hour-long class or a five-minute online workout:

– Control
– Center
– Concentration 
– Precision 
– Breath 
– Flow 

“Moving with control from your center with concentration and precision while using proper breathing to create a natural flow from one movement to the next is Pilates,” Shannon explains. “All of the principles are important, but for me, concentration is key. Your concentration will develop control, breathing, flow, and precision to find your center. When doing Pilates, always concentrate—that’s the mind-body connection.” 

Ready to put this newfound knowledge to work? Here are a few of our favorite quick Pilates workouts.
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