6 Exercises We Added to Workouts This Year for Better Gains in 2023

  • The Insider Health team adds a lot of expert advice into our own workouts each year. 
  • In 2022, some of our favorite exercises were CrossFit, pull-ups, and weighted carries. 
  • We also incorporate tips like walking on rest days and keeping workouts short to save time. 

As a fitness reporter, one of the best parts of my job is getting to talk to and learn from some of the best trainers, coaches, athletes, and exercise scientists in the industry, and apply their advice to my own workouts. 

As a result, I’m often trying new exercises and tweaking my routine, and I love brainstorming with my colleagues to hear what they’re excited about, too. 

Despite a lot of the trendy TikTok workouts and other fitness fads in 2022, some of the best additions to our gym sessions have been classic exercises, most of which don’t require fancy equipment and can be beginner-friendly. 

Here’s the best exercises and advice we picked up this year to bring into 2023.  

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