5 Things to Know for December 27: Snowstorm, Ukraine, China, Extreme Weather, Immigration


After taking a few days off to celebrate the holidays, 5 Things is back! And speaking of vacations, inflation forced Americans to shell out more money for retail products and gastronomic experiences this season.

This is what else you need to know to Catch up and get on with your day.

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Days in a deadly winter storm that Disrupted trips across the country, officials in Buffalo, New York, are clearing roads to reach stranded drivers and make way for emergency services. At least 27 people have died as a result of the storm in New York’s Erie County, many of them in Buffalo, which was buried under 43 inches of snow and battered by severe blizzards. The winter weather travel mess of last week continues this week, with more than 3,900 flights in, in or out of the US canceled as of Monday night, most of them operated by Southwest Airlines, according to the flight tracking website reported flight. Frustrated travelers complained about long wait times to speak with representatives and problems with missing bags. A passenger told CNN his family had been on the phone for 10 hours with Southwest.

Repeated Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power grid they have left the capital of Kyiv in the dark, a life-threatening risk for people using life-saving medical devices. Russia’s persistent assault on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has, at least temporarily, left millions of civilians without electricity, heat, water and other critical services in the frigid winter months. Russian President Vladimir Putin is now ask for negotiations in his war, even as his own foreign minister gave Ukraine an ultimatum in four occupied regions, according to Russian state media. A Ukrainian presidential aide responded in a tweet, saying: “Putin needs to come back to reality.” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Russia will try to make the last days of the year “dark and difficult.”

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12-year-old boy needs respiratory treatments to survive. Blackouts make them almost impossible

China will remove Covid-19 quarantine requirements for international arrivals from January 8. a big step towards reopening its borders that have isolated the country from the rest of the world for almost three years. Incoming travelers will only need to show a negative Covid test result obtained within 48 hours before departure, China’s National Health Commission announced late Monday. Travelers are currently subject to five days of hotel quarantine and three days of self-isolation at home. Restrictions on airlines on the number of international flights and passenger capacity will also be removed, according to the announcement. China has sealed its borders since March 2020 to prevent the spread of the virus, staying in global lockdown even as the rest of the world reopened and weathered the pandemic.

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Scenes at Beijing’s main crematorium tell a different story from official Covid death figures

Weather-related tragedies have not been limited to the US. In northern Japan and other parts of the country, heavy snowfall has left at least 17 dead and more than 90 injured over Christmas weekend, authorities said. Japan has seen increasingly harsh weather conditions in recent years, including a heat wave this summer. And in the Philippines, floods caused by heavy rains it killed at least eight people in the southern provinces and forced thousands of residents to evacuate, disrupting Christmas celebrations. About 46,000 people sought refuge in evacuation centers, according to data from the Ministry of Social Welfare.

there’s almost 1.6 million asylum applications pending in US immigration courts and US Citizenship and Immigration Services: the largest number of pending cases on record, according to a recent analysis of federal data. Immigration courts have seen a massive increase in asylum cases since fiscal year 2012, when there were 100,000 cases pending. Asylum seekers come from 219 countries and speak 418 different languages, according to the group that conducted the analysis. Nearly three out of 10 are minors and the main countries of origin are Guatemala, Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil. Meanwhile, some state officials continue to disagree with President Joe Biden’s administration over the country’s immigration policy. In the latest sign of the dispute, several buses full of migrants were locked out of residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, DC, in freezing weather on Christmas Eve.

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Kathy Whitworth, the winningest golfer in history, died at age 83 while celebrating Christmas Eve with family and friends, his longtime partner said. Whitworth is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. He earned 88 victories on the LPGA Tour, including six major championships. His 88 wins are six more than Sam Snead and Tiger Woods, who hold the men’s tour record.

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