10 Netflix Shows That Broke The Internet

Netflix has become a major player in the world of television and film, producing and distributing a wide variety of content. Over the past few years, the streaming service has released several shows that have become very popular and generated quite a buzz online. These shows have been praised for their incredible storylines, unforgettable characters, and high production values ​​and have thus gone so far as to amass a dedicated fan base.

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There are a lot of shows on Netflix, but not so many that it becomes something that people obsess over. However, programs like Strange things,squid game,Bridgerton, YWednesday they have repeatedly taken the internet by storm, sparking intense excitement and debate online. From sci-fi and fantasy to teen drama, action and horror, these popular Netflix shows they have broken the internet and captivated audiences around the world.


‘Wednesday’ (2022-present)

Jenna Ortega dancing Goo Goo Muck on Wednesday
Image via Netflix

This fictional story, originally created by American cartoonist charles addams, tells the story of the creepy eldest daughter of the Addams Family as she navigates teenage life while solving lifelong mysteries at her school, Nevermore. The Addams Family has always held a special place in the hearts of many, but with Netflix now a part of their journey, the love for them and their ghoulish lovelorn daughter has skyrocketed.

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It wasn’t just Wednesday viewed more than 752 million hours in less than two weeks, but Jenna OrtegaInstagram exploded from 3 million to 22 million followers. This goes to show that there are many people who can’t get over this dark and gripping teen mystery, which appeals to adults and teens alike. While there’s no word yet on a Season 2 release date, fans of Tim BurtonThe quirky visual style of They eagerly anticipate more mysteries to come.

‘Stranger Things’ (2016-present)

Stranger Things Season 4

In this nostalgic series set in 1980s Indiana, a group of young friends battle Demogorgons, the Mind Flayer, and other monsters to save their town from impending doom. with eleven (millie bobby brown) With psychokinetic powers, these heroes from the town of Hawkins are often certain of victory.

From its first season to its fourth, Strange things captivates audiences with its explosive and fantastic story starring Eleven and her friends. The show’s nostalgic atmosphere, intriguing plot, blend of horror and sci-fi elements, and exceptional performances by the cast have earned it a large and devoted fan base. Despite being surpassed as the most-watched Netflix show by Wednesdayseason 4 of Strange things remains the most watched English-language Netflix series in its first 28 days.

‘Squid Game’ (2021-present)

Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game Red Light Green Light Episode (2)
Image via Netflix

It all started with a mysterious invitation, when 456 players found themselves trapped in a dystopian world where they had to play to win or die. All of these gamblers have one thing in common: they are burdened with debt and willing to risk their lives playing a series of deadly childish games to win the ultimate prize money.

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squid game became a social media sensation, and it only took 12 days for it to become the most popular show on Netflix. The engaging gameplay, relatable characters, and unique story with unexpected twists are probably the reasons for the worldwide popularity of this Korean survival drama. Even now, some fans can’t seem to forget its intense moments, dangerous games, and unexpected endings.

‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ (2022)

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Image via Netflix

With Evan Peters starring as Jeffrey Dahmer, this haunting and terrifying limited series tells the story of one of the most famous serial killers In America. Ian Brennan Y ryan murphy delve into Dahmer’s mind, as they also highlight the role of police incompetence in allowing his killing spree to continue for years.

The controversy surrounding the show, which many found compelling and repellent, helped boost its popularity on social media. The series, which explores Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes from his perspective, sparked debate over whether he was trying to humanize the serial killer or even re-traumatize his victims. Despite this, the show became a huge success, with 856.2 million hours watched in its first 28 days on Netflix, indicating that many are fascinated with macabre stories.

‘Bridgerton’ (2020-present)

Anthony Bridgerton looking at a young woman from across the table

Based on the romantic series of julia quinn, Bridgerton follows the story of the Bridgerton family, a widow, Lady Violet Brigerton ( ruth twin) and their eight children as they navigate English Regency society.

Maybe Bridgerton It grew in popularity because it provided just the right amount of escapism entertainment fans crave, drawing many into the sexy affairs, glamorous depiction of Regency-era society, and lavish high society balls. The show’s diverse cast may have also contributed to its rapid rise in popularity, as it was welcomed by some but received mixed reactions from others. It can be attributed to a variety of factors, the most notable of which is that many people are dumb. for Regency-era shows and happy endings.

’13 Reasons Why’ (2017-2020)

Dylan Minnette Katherine Langford 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Hannah Baker

A bullied girl commits suicide and leaves a pack of cassette tapes containing the “reasons she ended her life” with her classmate, Clay Jensen (Dylan Christopher Minette). As Clay listens to the tapes, he gradually realizes how he and others contributed to the creation of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) death.

This American Netflix series, based on by Jay Asher novel of the same name, was a tremendous success when it was released, garnering 6.08 million US viewers in just three days. The show’s realistic, up-close, and engaging portrayal of teenage life sparked controversy and an increase in social conversation about the series. In 2018, this heartbreaking teen story became the Most Watched Netflix Show.

‘The paper house’ (2017-2021)


money robbery, also know as The Money Heist, is a Spanish television series that tells the story of a group of skilled thieves. With the criminal mastermind “Professor” (alvaro death) at the head of the group, they carefully plan and carry out big heists such as Robbing the Royal House of the Spanish Mint, however, they must face their main obstacle: the police who are chasing them.

Throughout the series, the team members deal with their own personal struggles and relationships, adding emotional depth to the story. These cute characters could be one of the reasons money robbery it hit the Top 10 in 92 countries upon its release, or maybe people just love a well-written crime thriller. With all the online hype surrounding the show, it’s hard not to become a die-hard fan.

‘Black Mirror’ (2011-2019)

black mirror game test
Image via Netflix

This thought-provoking science fiction anthology series created by Charlton Brooker explores the theme of techno-paranoia. Each independent episode of this series examines the consequences of new technologies on society.

After being added to Netflix, this series attracted international interest and quickly became one of the most discussed series in countries like China, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, and many others in early 2012. The Netflix effect certainly works magic. Since black mirror focused primarily on modern issues, particularly those related to technological dangers, it was only natural that it would become a popular topic on social media.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ (2020)

Anya Taylor-Joy in Netflix's The Queen's Gambit
Image via Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit is an American coming-of-age drama created by frank scott Y alan scott, based on the novel by Walter Tevis. The story follows a girl named Beth Harmon, who is abandoned in an orphanage after the death of her mother. While battling addiction and other emotional issues, Beth discovers her rare talent for chess.

Four weeks after its release, this Netflix miniseries became the most watched scripted limited series on Netflix. Despite its unexpected subject matter, the show’s portrayal of chess prodigy Beth Harmon from orphan to grandmaster captured the hearts of the audience. The Queen’s Gambit It was more than just a game of chess, it was a superhero story of triumph and determination. Many fans were left wanting more after the first season ended, but unfortunately, a second season was not produced.

‘You’ (2018-present)

Image via Netflix

Based on the best-selling novel by the same Caroline Kepnes, you guys is a psychological thriller that follows the haunting story of joe goldberga dangerously obsessive young man played by Penn Badgley.

The show draws attention to the problem of bullying on social media and the dark side of obsession. With a successful combination of horror, romance and black humor, the series presents a unique and refreshing perspective on the subject. Although Joe is a sociopathic character, his human flaws and likable qualities make it difficult for some viewers to stop supporting him or stop talking about the series.

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