10 Marvel Planets We Want To See More Of

There are no limits to fantasy in marvel comics and as such, fans have been able to see dozens of planets spread across different galaxies and dimensions over the years. It is known that most of the inhabitants of these planets are also genetically superior, making them useful threats or allies to Earthlings.

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Unfortunately, some of the interesting planets haven’t been featured as often as franchise loyalists would like. This is understandable, given the large number of ongoing stories that need to be completed. Still, fans hope the cool planets aren’t completely forgotten, showing up in avengersX-Men or Fantastic Four comics that take readers through the Marvel Universe.

10/10 Sakaar Has Potential For More Hulk Stories

Planet Sakaar a thousand years in the future

Little has been heard about Sakaar since Skaar went into exile and the Hulk left after helping the Doa’abi rebuild their civilization. This is unfortunate because the planet that fans not only got to witness some of the most entertaining fights in marvel (thanks to the Red King gladiator games) but I also got to see Hulk’s leadership skills.

The Hulk’s time on Sakaar is especially memorable because he becomes more than just an avenger and a sensational scientist. During the “Planet Hulk” storyline, he demonstrates better fighting skills and changes the fate of the fourth planet of the solar system Tayo, which was collapsing. For now, all hope of more stories lies solely in the comics since Sakaar’s brief MCU coverage in She-Hulk: Lawyer has been considered unsatisfactory by many.

9/10 Ego The Living Planet is one of the unique parts of the universe

An image showing Ego-the-living-planet

A planet that sees, eats, and breathes is really weird, but the possibilities are always endless in Marvel Comics. Well, the existence of Ego the Living Planet is the result of the scientist known as Egros merging with Ego and in order to stay alive, he absorbs stars, moons, planets and spaceships.

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Given what Ego can do, making him a threat to Earth would be another great Avengers story. After all, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy have had a hard time dealing with the threat posed by the living planet. Plus, more Ego stories mean fans get to see more of Galactus, as he’s the one who tends to be the most concerned with the affairs of the planet.

8/10 Duckworld gives animals a chance to shine

Cult members in orange mask and a hooded cult member and Howard the Duck breaking into a newspaper front page in a collage

Most Marvel stories involve humans, mutants, aliens, and monsters, but there are some amazing animals that often miss out on the glory. In Earth-791021’s Duckworld, the inhabitants are anthropomorphic birds known as Duckworldians.

Howard the Duck is the most famous inhabitant of the planet, but in the recent past, readers have also enjoyed the adventures of Deadpool the Duck, who closely resembles his human counterpart. Given how intriguing these two are in the stories they’ve appeared in, more Duckworldians should be in the spotlight.

7/10 Thanos still makes Saturn relevant

Thanos getting angry from Marvel Comics

Saturn is devoid of life, but is still important in the comics because of its moon Titan, which is home to one of best marvel villains, Thanos. In the MCU, the planet is irrelevant because Titan is changed from one of Saturn’s moons to an exoplanet.

Since the Thanos chapter isn’t quite as closed in the comics as it is in the MCU, Saturn still has a purpose in the current day. Fictional explanations could also be given for why the planet lacks a surface and is just filled with gases, and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Thanos, or a villain who came before him, is revealed to have had something to do with it. .

6/10 Xandar remains essential to intergalactic peace.

Xandar Home of the Nova Corps

While the Avengers always do a great job taking out the bad guys, their responsibility falls primarily on Earth. Fortunately, there’s no police vacuum in the galaxy, thanks to the Nova Corps from Planet Xandar. The group has a reputation for keeping the peace, making it a target for all sorts of villains.

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Throughout its history, Xandar has been attacked by Zorr, Nebulla, and the Skrulls, but the Xandarians always find a way to rebuild. The resilience of the natives has resulted in great stories, and for that reason, Xandar should continue to appear regularly in the pages of Marvel Comics.

5/10 Earth is still the most iconic place

Chasm enjoys the destruction of New York

In different issues of Marvel Comics, fans have traveled to different sections of the galaxy, falling in love with new places. However, Earth remains the most important place, not only because it is more identifiable, but also because it is home to some of best marvel superheroes.

Although Marvel tends to prefer real-life cities, there are enough fictional locations to keep the fantasy alive. These locations are scattered across the globe, from technologically advanced Wakanda to sorcerer-infested Kamar-Taj. Also, there are enough superhumans to make Earth more interesting than it is in real life.

4/10 Battleworld is Doctor Doom’s playground

Cover of issue 9 of Secret Wars Doctor Doom

Among the many interesting things about Battleworld is its creation process. The planet, which is basically a mosaic, arises after Doctor Doom gathers the remains of other planets after the collapse of the Multiverse.

In addition to being used to highlight Doctor Doom’s innovative mind, Battleworld has influenced the life trajectory of some heroes. It is on the planet, for example, where Spider-Man first comes into contact with the Venom symbiote during the “Secret Wars” storyline. It is also while on Battleworld, that one of the most powerful members of the Fantastic Fourthe Thing, is capable of turning into human form.

3/10 Strontia could be like Krypton

Xenith the Strontian leading the Praetorians

Most of the Strontian race was wiped out by T’Korr’s father and among the few remaining is Kallark the Gladiator. The chief of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard is known to be as powerful as Superman, and shares his abilities with other members of the Strontian race.

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The powerful nature of the Strontians means that the planet has many untapped potentials. By establishing a new continuity, a couple of the planet’s inhabitants could become villains and heroes, as is the case with Krypton in DC media. This, in turn, will create more allies and enemies for the Avengers.

2/10 Mojoworlders love movies and TV shows

Mojoworld in Marvel's X-Factor comics.

One of the weirder Marvel planets is Mojoworld, which exists in the Mojoverse pocket dimension. Its inhabitants are cowards, so they depend on genetically modified slaves to do their chores for them. They also crave televised entertainment, forcing leaders to produce thousands of movies and TV shows to keep them entertained.

As interesting as Mojoworld is, it rarely piques the curiosity of the more popular heroes and villains. Thus, an opportunity remains for allied and enemy bows. Also, the planet is ripe for stories where real-life celebrities (specifically Hollywood stars) are included in comics. After all, Marvel has had a couple of them over the years.

1/10 Skrullos origins still need to be explored

Skrull Society in Marvel Comics

Thanks to his appearance in the MCU, Skrulls they have become quite popular. Sadly, they are still homeless because their home planet of Skrullos was destroyed during the Kree-Skrull War. However, this should not be the end of the planet.

Given how powerful the Skrull race is, an extensive look at their early days would be great entertainment. At the moment, fans are hoping that the next secret invasion The series, which revolves around Skrulls infiltrating all sectors of human society, provides a fitting origin story.

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